After a period of stressful ‘getting the novel completed’ and ‘getting the novel edited’, it’s a wonderful feeling when the typescript is finally on its way towards publication. For me, as an ‘Indie Author’ this means having the text (interior) and cover, etc., all processed and sent over from my book and cover designer — and awaiting the final push — that of sending it off to Ingram Spark to transform it into a saleable book — and also to Amazon for Kindle.

A great period for rejoicing! Though after the initial rejoicing — of completing the text, editing, etc. and after receiving the completed files, there is now a kind of hiatus before that final push, that Ingram form-filling.

So, then I realized that today there’s another task which takes over — my AU contribution for September. And, surprising how these things turn up, it’s our wedding anniversary — 15th September 1973 — which makes it our fiftieth or Golden Wedding.

Hum. So many couples may’ve planned, or had planned for them, a big (or small) party with champagne and a cake. Well, here we’ve been different. Our daughter (now early forties with a son of seven) announced a few months back that she (having, to our great pleasure, found ‘the One’ or been found by him in the past few years), was planning a wedding in early September!

Hence, and in truly up-to-date style, they arranged a wedding and it took place, partly at an outdoor venue, last weekend — the hottest of the year!

All went well and happily, despite the heat, leaving us parents slightly the worst for heat, and we have no regrets!

But, a party for ourselves? Really, tea and cake with kids and grandkids suits fine, and hopefully will take place next weekend (if there are trains…).

So, what am I feeling? No resentment that no cards, flowers, champagne, were delivered here. Simply thankfulness that we can look back on weathering the storms of marriage and kids (and how!), grow to possibly know each other better than we did all those years ago when we made our commitments (in church, white wedding, reception in alma mater college hall…how different). 

Can one say that it feels like a privilege to get here, and to have ‘chosen’ and ‘been chosen by’ someone who has supported my writing (and painting) and is qualified (and more) to be my editor, adviser, and corrector of typos, in addition to actually finding what I write interesting, amusing, and sometimes profound? And who tolerates my love of cats (our present one loves him more than me!), who not only read aloud to the kids but now reads aloud to me to relax on cosy evenings?

Today’s blog is, consequently, about gratitude, for the fact that we’ve achieved the ‘long haul’ together, in these times of constant change, climate crisis, and uncertainty. Many writing friends have had to accept no interest in their work from spouse or family, and some are now on their own. Fifty years is a long time, and on balance one has reached a place of thankfulness.


Griselda Heppel said…
Wow, CONGRATULATIONS! And what a lovely, moving tribute both to your other half and to marriage itself. Wonderful news about your daughter’s wedding and I see absolutely why that would come first in the choice of celebrations. All we want is for our children to be well and happy and for some that takes a long time and much difficulty. Tea with happy children and grandchildren is the best Golden Wedding party of all.

And congratulations on the new book! Super cover design.
Sandra Horn said…
What a lovely blog! Congratulations!
Umberto Tosi said…
How lovely! Congratulations on all sides!
Peter Leyland said…
That's great to read. congratulations from me too on achieving the long haul of successful marriage and writing.
What a lovely post - great to read it.
Unfortunately I was widowed at the height of the pandemic, but your post reminded me that our Golden Wedding would have been on the 29th of September this year. We had a much more tumultuous marriage than I ever expected, but of course there are still things to be thankful for, so I had been reflecting on them over the past week or so.

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