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'Things Aren't Untrue Just Because They Never Happened.' by Dennis Hamley

The Hare Trilogy by Dennis Hamley At last I’ve managed to republish three novels, Hare’s Choice, Badger’s Fate and Hawk’s Vision, in the form they should have been years ago, as a single volume, The Hare Trilogy. These books were published as children’s books and children remain their primary intended audience. But is it still a relevant one? Can present-day children identify with these fictional children living in a sort of vanished Neverland, with their unfashionable names and their eighties, smartphoneless preoccupations? I don’t know. And perhaps it doesn’t matter so much. Because I always had a different purpose. These are books for children. But they are also books about children. The difference is significant. They become books for adults as well. They are also about something else, which provides the whole impetus. They are about stories: how they work, how they are composed, how their composition embodies the whole creative process, what they mean, wha