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Cover Up -- by Susan Price

    Nightcomers by Susan Price     I've self-published three collections of  ghost stories-- or, at least, 'stories of the uncanny.' Not all of them are, strictly, ghost stories. But they all contain some element of the supernatural or eerie.   I think these stories contain some of my best writing, but I'd become unhappy with their covers. I  felt they needed freshening up.        Nightcomers , originally published by Hodder, was perhaps the most difficult. One of the stories is based on a legend about ghostly horsemen who, on Midsummer Night, ride down from their grave-mound to water their horses at the river, before returning to sleep under the mound.    Tradition demands that the owner of the land they ride across should make sure there is a farrier waiting, to replace the ghostly horses' shoes with new ones made of silver. The original cover referenced that story.     What to put in its place? Nightcomers?  Night? -- The moon? A blood moon? My first design