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Financial Advice

                           These blogs also give useful advice on avoiding paying tax to the US as well as the UK...  

Being a Small Business - Tips on self-assessment, tax, expenses, etc...

Pricing your books - tips on managing prices and free promotions across different companies...

Promoting your books with Facebook, Twitter and Feed 140 - by Jan Ruth

How to use MailChimp to send out newsletters... 

                Building Your MailChimp Mailing List


Nuts and Bolts of Producing an Ebook

Pictures - how to insert them into an e-book... 
               More advice on ebooks and illustrations... 

Epub format: How to proof it

Audio books: creating your own   

How to Turn a Picture Book into an Ebook

Book Covers

On-Line Shops

Note: These articles were written before 2015, when the EU brought in new VAT rules which make selling from your own website or on-line shop too onerous for almost every sole trader.

How to set up an on-line shop or store  
Why you might set up an on-line shop or store

Audio books: creating your own