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The Authors Electric blog has been running since 2011. At the end of each month we have hosted guests of all kinds, from traditionally published and award-winning authors to Kindle debuts. Some of those authors joined us and now blog with us monthly.

If you have experience of indie publishing and would like to be considered for a guest post on our blog, please contact Debbie on . Your post can be about anything connected with books or the literary world in general. Advice and how-to articles welcome! Feel free to mention and add links to your books, however your post should have some substance and not be merely a sales pitch.

You can read our past guest posts by following the links below.


Stephen Livingston: How I came to publish for Kindle


Lee McAulay: Where Will You Be in Ten Years' Time?

Pam Howes: Conversations With My Characters

Lee Lowe: Confessions of a Compleat Non-Professional

Terri Giuliano Long: 7 Mistakes I Won’t Make Again

Kate Allan: Why I'm not rushing to self-publish again

Phyllis Burton: Damsels in Distress

Sam Stone: Fairtrade Books

Griselda Gifford: House of Spies

Chris Rakunas: Be faithful to yourself

Laura Solomon: The Long Walk Home


Elizabeth Kay: Travel broadens the pen

Jan Edwards: Anthologising

Elizabeth Jasper: Reflections on a new career

Louise Hart: The Wordsmith and Me

Prue Batten: Elemental

Sue Purkiss: The Willow Man

Jaya Bhattacharji Rose: E-publishing in India

Gareth Baker: Never judge a book by its cover (#2)

Tim Stevens: About Time


Simon Gould: Under the Influence

Steve Hannam (Danson Thunderbolt): Captain Square Jaw!

Eric Tomlinson: Why female?

Jan Ruth & John Hudspith: The X-Factor Curse


Lynne Benton: Starting from scratch

Kristen D Van Risseghem: Don't be afraid

Richard Rapaport: The Great Gorino

Charles O'Keefe: The Newfoundland Vampire

Sue Purkiss: Bernard Cornwell and Warrior King (serendipity)

Jan Edwards: A day like any other


Leslie Wilson: Talking of Witches

Conrad Jones: 15 and not out

Louise Wise: Another bad book review... yippee!

Seb Kirby: Crime thrillers by male authors with female protagonists

Harriet Steel: What do authors dread most?

Jan Ruth: Snowdon safari

Matt Posner: Squared circle blues

Marie-Louise Jensen: Two years you'll never forget

Bill Kirton: Leader of the Pack


Jean Burnett: The imitation game

Valerie Bird: Writing with writers

Valerie Bird: Starting again

Jennifer Heap: Love 'em or loathe 'em - creating characters

Anna Maria Espsater: It's hard to escape your calling

Karen Kao: Wanderlust


Jacey Bedford: The geography of words

Edwin H Rydberg: Will robots write the next great novel?


Raquel Edwards: Reading to Children

Jonaki Ray: From India to Iceland

Dennis Hamley: Things aren't untrue just because they never happened


Peter Leyland: Reading during Lockdown

Peter Leyland: How reading great literature can help us regain our balance

Peter Leyland: How I discovered Flash Fiction

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