The following are all professionals who have been used by members of Authors Electric when preparing their books for e-publication. They are independent practitioners, however, and we cannot be held responsible for their work.


Kristina Blagejovitch
London-based. General editing, copy-editing, proof-reading.
                    Kate Fox
                    General editing, copy-editing, proof-reading.
Dr Sheila Glasbey
General editing, copy-editing and proof-reading.
                      Laura Kelly Editorial Services (US Based)

Roz Morris
Developmental editing reports, copy-editing and proof-reading.
Consultancy page:
                                                  Brenda Stones
                                                  General editing,  copy editing
                            Formerly publishing director, OUP educational books.
  Illustrators and cover artists…_________________________ 

Canva - easily create beautiful designs + documents

Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.

         Miss Mae (US based) – she is a writer herself, and designs her own covers as well as a limited amount of commissions for others. She will also help with formatting for Smashwords and Createspace if required. Her charges are very reasonable and she is friendly and easy to talk to.

                                                                       Jane Dixon-Smith
                                                                          Graphic designer
Amanda Lillywhite                                              
London-based. Cover design, illustration, website design.

Rob Tysall:
Based in Warwickshire. Covers and publicity photos.
Matt Zanetti
Digital artist (specialising in 3D art)
Claire MacLean
2D Digital Artist
Young Dundee based artist with a real flair for cover design –
likes to work closely with writer.
                                                                                        Alison Bell
         Experienced (and distinguished) Scottish textile and digital artist
         and  designer
         Interested in doing occasional covers – but only if she has read the
         book first – her work is a personal response to the book. One for
         writers who enjoy this kind of collaboration.
Matti Gardner:
Techi wizard with a Masters’ degree, son of author Jan Needle so used to writers and their ways! Patient, kind, inexpensive – well-versed in Kindle, Smashwords, etc. London-based.

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