Saturday, 12 November 2011

A TREE-HUGGER PONDERS - by Susan Jane Smith

Susan Jane Smith
          Are e-books “green”?  Are they the environmentally friendly way to go?
          I have not heard of any research about this – have you?  I think it would be useful if an environmental specialist gave an opinion – do you know anyone who would be an appropriate person to ask about doing the research?
          I live in the beautiful Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and I am surrounded by trees including ancient woodland.  Any time I hear a chain saw my heart aches – I hate trees being killed – it just seems so wrong to me.  They are living creatures and many of them pre-date those of us alive today.
          But, then you do also need to understand that I do hug trees – unashamedly!  Yes, I am proud to be a tree hugger.  They are most wonderful living, breathing entities with a soul I believe.
          If you hug a tree make it a big one as they can tolerate the stress that comes out of our bodies better than young trees.  Why not give it a go yourself?  Just put your arms around a tree and relax into it.  The tree will take your stress and anxiety and transport it away from you and into the earth.  It is a marvellous experience.
          Whilst my books are still available in paperback via my website:
they are also going on to Kindle and other e-book readers as fast as possible.  To me saving paper by converting to e-books has to be better for the planet.
          Am I wrong?

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Dan Holloway said...

I've seen various articles about this but I don't think the matter has been resolved. There are certainly those who claim that ebooks are more environmentally damaging - I believe it's down to the hardware and bult-in obsolescence in the electronics industry - but that does seem counter-intuitive, I agree. I think the answer is we need more research. My wife has co-authored an undergraduate textbook on Atmospheric Chemistry ( so I'm sure she'd know who'd know :)

Rosalie Warren said...

Hello Susan. I don't know the answer to your question and I doubt that it will be straightforward, anyway. But like you I love trees, especially old ones and especially oak trees - and have been known to hug them from time to time.

Rosalie Warren said...

Sorry, meant to say, too, that the link to your website doesn't seem to be working. Should the second 'health' be 'wealth'?

Susan Jane Smith B.Sc. said...

Yes, my website is

Bozena said...

Susan, I love how you have expressed your love for the trees and and your guidance how to distress.It shows how beautiful spirit you are.

Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts