I'll be with you shortly - Karen Bush

How long should a short story be?
How short can a long story be?
At what point does a long short story 
- or a short long one - 
become a novella?
And what about short shorts?
Never mind flash fiction ...
All of which vexed my brain as I tried to work out how big to make 
the current novel in progress,
 and to decide on suitable lengths for the contents of 
my second book of short stories.

The Five Pound Pony
 (It's out now. Available on Amazon HERE if you live in the UK,
or HERE if in the US)


julia jones said…
I would LOVE to be able to refer, casually to my 'second' book of short stories - congratulations
madwippitt said…
Thanks Julia! Although I should point out that it has been three years in the making :-)

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