Help! I’ve run out of Ideas -- Sarah Nicholson

I have all sorts of thoughts in my head this month like a handful of balloons I’m not sure I can keep hold of; each one wants to float off in a different direction.

Balloons from Disney's "Up"

I’ve NEVER written an Authors Electric Blog so close to the wire – it is only a few hours until my words SHOULD be going live and I can’t think what to write about this month.

I think I’ve got the dreaded Writers Block.

I honestly don’t think I’ve really experienced it before because I don’t often have fixed deadlines for my writing. I usually pick and choose what I write. When and if I’m not in the mood I give up and find something more interesting to do – it sounds delightfully luxurious but it’s also probably the reason I’ve never actually written and published anything substantial. I'm just not THAT disciplined.

I remember writing essays for English A level late into the night, they were usually drivel with marks ranging from 3 out of 10 to 6 at best, but at least there were some essay titles to choose from. So maybe I should choose from the ideas I’ve come up with so far, which include…


·       What would the world be like if grown ups dressed up for World Book Day. Who would cause more of a stir in the supermarket aisle – Lisbeth Salander or Elizabeth Bennett? And how many James Bond’s would there be on the daily commute?


·         Self-checkouts in libraries, where have all the librarians gone? Looking back on library visits as a child and how things have changed.


·         Small successes – winning a micro fiction competition last month! True Story


None of them really inspire me though. I’d like to do the first as a poem but the ability to rhyme and scan has deserted me. The second idea sounds promising but the thread of what I want to say is like wobbly jelly that keeps slipping through my fingers, it's been on my mind for a while actually but I just haven't found the hook.

And the last idea – it just sounds like I’m bragging and what else is there is add – apart from a link to the winning entry

A quick Google search of Writer’s Block says “see also Procrastination.”

Ah now that’s something I know all about.

I check the clock, just over 3 hours left.

I check my word count – almost 400 words.

Can I leave this here? A small offering, a mere token really, with a promise to try harder next month. 3 out of 10 for my little bit of effort.

Going back to my English A level days I am reminded of a comment on my report.

“She has moments of insight.”

Seemed like a bit of a cheek at the time but maybe it's the truth and today is just not an insightful day.


Susan Price said…
I like the idea of adults dressing up for WBD! That would cheer things up.
I'd be the invisible man. Then I could stay at home and claim I'd been everywhere.
Karen said…
Well done Sarah - I reckon this will strike a chord!
Ruth Leigh said…
Often they are the best kind of blogs, Sarah! Those last minute ones packed with great ideas

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