Rejoice When Fireflies Outshine the Glare of Showboats -- by Reb MacRath

Get this: over the course of a couple of days two handfuls of distinctive words soared above my news feed like wildings of fireflies.

The first one took me by surprise. It had nothing to do with writing. And it was 
almost buried in comments on an ad for a pricey cardio test. But, at a glance, the author's personality stood out...she took a stance against the medical establishment...and ended with a war cry:

I don't need this.

I eat fruit and vegetables.

So stuff your test.

I came across these words  in the lobby of a Tucson cardio medical mill, where scores of us were processed, billed in advance, and then herded to assorted rooms for exam--then scheduled for further batteries of tests when some of us at least were feeling reasonably well. While I thought about this, I reflected on how these 13 words had led me to seek out the author's FB page, where I filed a Friend request quickly.

The next day I chanced on a quote from a poet mourning 'a San Francisco that sadly is no more and yet tragically still exists.' * No big-name blurb or Kirkus rave could have moved me more quickly to check out this book. The phrase was that distinctive.

Once again, 13 was the lucky number.

I felt driven to buy and to friend because I hadn't been hustled. Instead, I'd been twice-blessed by fiery flights of independence and charisma.

This is my report.

*P.S.: San Francisco noir author Joe Clifford referenced this phrase from Joel Landmine's book of poems Yeah, Well.


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Sandra Horn said…
Yay! Rock on, Reb!
Reb MacRath said…
Thanks, Sandra. That's the plan, anyway.
Peter Leyland said…
Hi Reb - I liked the fireflies picture and of course you standalone photo. Being a poetry lover I just checked out the Joel Landmine reference. His book of poems, Yeah, Well received some good reviews. Very much a page turner, said one. I've always wanted to go to San Francisco. One day. After all The Summer of Love is coming up for its anniversary!!
Reb MacRath said…
Thanks, Peter. It may have been a good thing that I was in exile that summer. I am not sure I'd have survived it.
Peter Leyland said…
Just out of interest Reb and because I have been following the sad story of Brian Jones (originator of The Rolling Sones) is there any mileage in recapturing these past cultural moments?

Since 60 Years Ago Today I'm now working on another one....

I know it's not as far back as Rome and Sextus Propertius but I would welcome your opinion. 'You're very well read it's well known', to phrase a coin.

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