It's the Year of the Dragon -- Misha Herwin


Welcome to the year of the Dragon.

Here’s hoping that for all of us it will be a happy and productive one.

I don’t know why but dragons have always held a fascination for me. One of the first stories I ever made up was about a dragon called Roostance who lived under my bed.  Roostance was fat and did all sorts of things he shouldn’t while his sister, or was she his friend, who lived under my sister’s bed, was a much better behaved creature. Anuk listened to these stories when we were both supposed to be asleep and much later she drew me a sketch of a happy little green dragon which I have on the wall of my office.

Dragons also play a part in The Adventures of Letty Parker. During the day they masquerade as downspouts and door knockers but at night they take wing and fly through the city in search of dark deeds which they will relay to the gargoyles squatting on the roofs.

Then of course there are the Dragonfire books. The first ones I self-published and in which all the leading characters are based on members of my family−with their permission of course. I’m very fond of these and am considering republishing them in the near future.

Apart from the literary dragons in my life, there’s a dragon in my garden asleep by the pond, another proudly displaying its strength in the dining room and a set of smaller ones on my desk.

So far the start of this calendar year has not been too brilliant for me. Fingers crossed that dragons will work their magic and things will improve forthwith.  


I fell in love with dragons after reading Anne McCaffrey's dragonrider books as a teenager, and currently watching House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones universe).

Here's hoping the dragon year brings good things your way... you were so lucky to have one living under your bed :-)

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