Racism vs Chauvinism by Susan Jane Smith B.Sc.

Susan Jane Smith
          I’m not just an old woman on my soap box – this is about what you can do to make a difference.
          On the 8th May 2012, in England, a gang of 8 British born Pakistani men and an Afghan man were convicted of sexual abuse.  One of the reporters said that the incidence of gang abuse was rare generally, but that within some cultures, now living in the UK , it is acceptable for men to groom a vulnerable girl, have sex with her (meaning rape) and then pass her along to one or more men.  Those men because they have shared the female then consider themselves to be better friends.
          This is not about the colour of a person’s skin – it’s old cultural concepts that a man has a right to dominate a female. 
          Nevertheless, I do think it significant that the men did not choose females from their own community.
          This is treating a female worse than when we were considered chattels.  I thought this kind of thinking had gone out with modern education and the women’s movement. 
          One of the girls spoke on TV and said they were given food and alcohol and thought initially the men were being nice to them (grooming).  Then the situation became frightening as they were taken to places and shared around.  How awful for these young females. What if that had been your daughter?
          How can it still be acceptable thinking that a female body is just an object to be used as the male decides?
          At least in a “gang bang” the females tend to be older and there might just be a sense that it is “wrong” - but in the thinking demonstrated in this case (that it was a friendly act amongst men) there is no moral “brake” put on their behaviour.  In fact, that kind of thinking supports continuing the outrage.  Do you see this as outrageous behaviour?  If not, why not? 
          This needs to not be just a woman’s issue.  Men - you need to educate yourself about child sexual abuse too.  And, don’t just think how awful and move on to something else – please educate yourself about the long term negative effects.  Abuse affects the public purse and thus your tax money because amongst other things it creates depression which frequently leads to an inability to work and therefore needs financial support from you.
          Females are human beings too and all of us deserve to be treated with respect.
           What can you do?  Well you can educate yourself and others, and lobby your MP so that the laws are strengthened and the penalties increased.  Decent men need to stand up and be counted on this issue.
          My work as a Psychotherapist for over 20 years was to help heal the wounds that this kind of abuse creates.  See my book “Sexual Abuse & Incest” which is part of my Little Book Series of Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth – now on Kindle.
Sexual Abuse & Incest by Susan J Smith
           I kept the front cover purposely stark as there is simply no picture to convey the horror of abusing a child and that is what these young females were. 
           Even if you have not been directly affected by child sexual abuse I hope you will read this e-book (now on Kindle). I priced it around the £1 mark to make it available to everyone.  It would educate you to the long term negative effects for the individual and how they have a knock on effect on the public purse, as this is not something a person can overcome easily or without support and preferably professional help.  Please don’t just think, “Oh, how awful,” and avoid understanding the implications of this type of abuse.
          And, if you think it couldn’t happen to anyone you know think again.  It happens in all stratas of society.

(and if you want to read an ebook on your computer, phone or Ipad then download the free app nowavailable here.


Deb said…
Well done for bringing this awful subject to the attention of others, Susan.
Sheridan Winn said…
Yes, I second Deb. Well done, Susan.
Lee said…
First of all, you're not an old woman! (My mum, who is soon turning 95, laughs when I say I'm old.) And second, it's important and needs saying. One of my sons had a Turkish girlfriend for a long while - not quite an identical situation, but her father, brothers, and uncles also seemed to believe they owned her - and her mother agreed. She was torn between the world of modern-day German young adults in which she'd grown up and family loyalty.
Kathleen Jones said…
Bravo Susan! I've lived in third world countries where girls are married as young as 8 years old. I sat next to pregnant 11 year olds in a middle eastern maternity clinic. One of my friends was a doctor who regularly had to deal with the after-effects of the wrongly named 'female circumcision' (it is in fact genital mutilation and the equivalent of male castration since it removes the ability to orgasm). In many countries these things are done to please men, but are carried out by women (mothers) on other women, often their daughters. How do we stop this? It's not enough just to have equal rights for women in western societies, we have to somehow raise the profile of the barbaric treatment of female children and women in huge swathes of the world.
Enid Richemont said…
What is the recieved doctrine behind female mutilation? Is it mentioned in the Koran? Why do these men want to have sex with a partner who doesn't respond? Might some charity offer them inflatable dolls? But then someone has to do the cooking...

I do wonder whether all religions have sex as their basis - the chastity of nuns and monks and the elevating of virgins (including the most famous one). If we have to have religions at all, maybe a new one is needed.

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