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I've blogged about this subject before and previously I've shown a photograph of my desk, as this is where I do the physical part of my writing (well typing). However over the last few months it's occured to me that I may do the physical part of my job at my desk but I also do a lot of 'writing' using the old grey matter. This is where the ideas form once inspiration has struck, where I plan my story arch, where I have conversations with my characters, work out the sections for a piece of non-fiction and start to construct sentences etc. So this month I've decided to share some of the places where I 'write.'

Where inspiration for this blog struck and I
began to think about the other places I've 'written' 
Where I was and what I did whilst plotting a picture book -
which was nothing to do with dogs or ball throwing

Here I planned a non-fiction feature for Practical Pre-School
This view inspired three non-fiction features -
which have just been commissioned
Where inspiration struck and where I started to
plan a new picture book story

As you can see I write in lots of different places and the images above haven't included the train, a waiting room, standing in a long queue or whilst waiting for the lights to go green.

To conclude I'd love to know where you've written. So please share below. 


Now for a blatant plug:

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Nick Green said…
I recognised Hatfield Forest! I'm often to be found there myself.
Ann Evans said…
I enjoyed the inspirational photos Lynne. Walking and fresh air really is the best thing for freeing up the old grey matter and letting the imagination take over.

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