A Poem for Freedom 2021 - Katherine Roberts

The 21st of May,

one month to freedom

(or so our rulers say).

Three full lockdowns,

two stolen years

to stop us all from dying

(or so our rulers feared).

A single day equals

fifty-three million masks in landfill,

as many unseen smiles

and muffled protests

(that our rulers suppressed).

Enjoy your new normal!

Six people in a soggy bubble

drinking alfresco from takeaway cups,

fully vacc'ed yet tracked and traced

(our rulers say just in case).

While behind locked doors,

the lonely seek solace

from Facebook friends never met

and scammers they don't suspect,

conspiring to explain

what makes zero sense

in this infinite emergency.

Five virus deaths today

(subject to change).

Statistics are fantastic!

Mightier than words

when used on the innumerate

to frighten and control

(as our rulers well know).

One month to unlocking

when the truth will hit the fan.

Might need to open more slowly,

find a positive spin

for economic meltdown,

negative interest rates,

a million new variants,

mental health tsunami,

vaccine damage lawsuits

scary revolutionaries

and rebel politicians

(now, where did we put that key?)

With any luck,

if we delay long enough,

we can blame the whole damn lot 

on the Opposition.

Er, one month to freedom...

just keep following the rules, pleeeeaase?


Katherine Roberts writes fantasy and historical fiction for young (and older) readers.

Her lockdown novel is 'The Horse Who Would Be Emperor', in which the Roman Emperor Caligula makes his favourite racehorse a Senator and Consul... and they called him mad! 

The Horse Who Would Be Emperor

Find out more about Katherine's award-winning books at www.katherineroberts.co.uk


Peter Leyland said…
Great stuff Katherine. We all need bit of satire now that Nish Kumar has been taken off the air. Thanks and go well.

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