Do I need an Introduction? -- Sarah Nicholson

  How does one start these things?

How have I found myself here?

Is the mic on? Can you hear me?

Testing – one, two!

comparing a fashion show

Oh, to be one of those class acts that “needs no introduction”, a household name that trips off the tongue. You know exactly what to expect, you don’t have to reserve judgement until half way through the set.

Will I be like marmite – love me or hate me? Personally, I can’t stand the stuff – gosh is that the first bit of REAL information I’ve shared about me?

My writing credentials?

Hmmmm, let me think … nowhere near as accomplished as so many Electric Authors. I’ve had a bit of flash fiction “published” on line, I’ve written the church nativity and I’ve been blogging for over ten years. I hope that counts for something.

Why should I go through to the next round you ask? Like a terrifying X Factor judge.

Well, I have a “sob story”, something that will make the readers warm to me, maybe gain me some extra votes…

Everyone has a history, the more tragic the better in some situations.

Here we go in 25 words or less -

Widowed at 42, brought up two sons singlehandedly, when youngest left for university, diagnosed with bowel cancer at 50 and needed emergency op.

Spoiler alert - I survived! I’m still here to tell the tale.

I’m not asking for sympathy but sometimes I find it’s better to get that our there at the beginning, especially as my long-term goal is to write a memoir about grief – you need to know my life experience qualifies me to even attempt such a challenging piece of work.

But it’s so hard revisiting the dark times, remembering and committing my raw emotions to a page. And as for getting them in the right order, to make sense, show not tell, create an interesting narrative etc etc…. It leaves my head spinning.

So, here I am, maybe procrastinating, maybe honing my writing skills, making connections, getting faster at typing – all valid in their own way.

But enough about me, tell me something about you, for instance, what's your opinion on marmite?


Umberto Tosi said…
Welcome, Sarah! I look forward to the posts that your intriguing teasers promise, and more. As for those doubts, we all have them, regardless of experience. You certainly know how to engage readers with candour, brightness and clarity.
Ruth Leigh said…
I loathe Marmite but I love your blog! Very much looking forward to getting to know you more
Peter Leyland said…
Now that's very interesting Sarah. I personally have this almost insatiable desire to tell stories about myself, dressing them up in humour, aliases, or calling them 'auto-fiction' as I did this week, and somehow avoiding that confrontation with 'the skull beneath the skin'. I think that grief memoir idea is a really challenging one and that you will find lots of support on this site for what you want to do. Just writing for an audience is a beginning...
Reb MacRath said…
Welcome, Sarah. You've cleared your throat effectively...and refreshingly. Next time, you're free to belt out whatever song you like.
Wendy H. Jones said…
Fabulous blog. I loathe marmite but can see already that I’m going to like your posts. All power to you.
Hello Sarah - I also hate Marmite.
Your life so far seems to come under the heading of 'may you live in interesting times'. I hope the times ahead might be a bit less interesting in that sense and that you have the chance to write the memoir eventually.
Sandra Horn said…
Hello Sarah, and welcome to the company of delightful oddballs. Great blog!
I seem to stand alone as a marmite lover. Sigh...

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