Keep looking up.

I have been a snoopy fan since my teens. Who could resist the comical and quirky beagle?

The creator Charles Schultz gave the little dog and his bird friend Woodstock a friendship  we can all identify with.  If we have friends and family we are fortunate.

Over the years I have had many posters on my wall, books in the bathroom, and when my children were old enough they loved him too. There’s nothing like a bit if snoopy wisdom while you are on the toilet! My friends would think it odd  but always came back laughing.

This is my favourite image and sentiment and one that is apt for us all today.  We are in dark days in the world but don’t forget that friendship and love mean a lot.

So let’s keep looking up because it really is the secret of life!



Joy Margetts said…
I loved Snoopy and Charlie Brown too. I used to save up my pocket money to buy the books when I was young. I still have them. It's a great idea to have them in the toilet! Wisdom indeed.

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