A poem for the Winter Solstice 2021 - Katherine Roberts


The night is long and full of terrors (Game of Thrones fans, don't worry... we are not burning anyone here today).

The day is short, especially if like me you have yet to brave the potentially plague-infested shops to do your Christmas shopping.

But, never fear, this pan(dem)ic year is almost done...

When unicorns rise

In the wild winter wood

Now shall we see

The truth in their words

Ever clearer as the sun

Restores light to the earth.


Katherine Roberts writes fantasy and historical fiction for young readers. It's probably too late to order a paperback for Christmas, but all of her books are also available in digital format for both Kindle and epub.



Peter Leyland said…
And we too will be restored. I do believe that. Thanks for the poem, Katherine
Reb MacRath said…
I came upon this post a bit late, I know, but the poem was just what I needed after a snow-bound, ice-plagued week. Thanks, Katherine.

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