#REWIND is almost here!

 Since last year, I've been telling you about my self-publishing journey. I can honestly say that writing the book was the easiest part! These last few weeks have been about getting the formatting correct and that's where we've hit problems. As I write this, we now have the paperback ready on Amazon. Hopefully by the time you read this, the Kindle e-book and IngramSpark paperback will be ready too!

Despite the saying - never judge a book by its cover - we all know that we do! And that's one thing that has gone right. So, here's the blurb, followed by the cover.

The Blurb

When DI Bernie Noel goes back to work after maternity leave, she doesn’t expect to find a crashed car with a dead driver on her journey in. But a gruesome discovery in the boot of the car turns a road traffic accident into something more sinister and personal for the detective. It isn’t long before Bernie is forced to rewind six years and confront her failed covert operation in London. But as she relives that failure, can she survive the present danger too?

I hope you like it too! My cover designer, Michael Watermeyer, has given Bernie a face but it's one from her past. I'll be selling Rewind mostly on Amazon here but I'm also hoping to get it on Waterstones website as well. 

This last part has been a slog. Other than a blog tour and setting up a subscribers newsletter, I haven't done any other marketing or publicity at the moment. Publication day is 9th July. As much as I want to enjoy it, I think there'll be a huge sigh of relief! But DI Bernie Noel 4 will be out there and maybe then, I can turn my mind to write something else.



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