Friday, 14 October 2011

Another go at the covers - Dennis Hamley

This will be, I hope, the first of two extra blogs. I don't know what on earth has happened to the pivtures. Last time I entered a picture it was all so easy. This time nothing will do want we want it to. But at last we've managed to download Colonel Mustard's cover, although it refused to go where we asked it to. Anyway, here it is, proudly overlooking us.

But first, a correction and addition all in one to my previous blog of today. I quoted the much-missed Jan Mark’s Carousel review of the Joslins when they were first published:

‘A macabre series of page-turners’
In my frustration with technology last night I left out a vital word. It should have read:

‘A JUICILY macabre series of page-turners.’

A word to cherish. And a very Markian epithet as well, which I really hope gets somewhere near to the full flavour of the series.

I’m really quite proud of the stories in Colonel Mustard. The two ex-Point stories, the title story and Hospital Trust, were well thought of when Scholastic first published them. I’ll be intensely interested to know what people think of the other two which, because of the present dearth of school visits, have hardly been road-tested.

The candlestick , I hope you’ve realised, is meant to be lying in a pool of blood.

Now for my final effort with the Joslin covers.

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