Welcome to the party! - Karen Bush

At last I've finally managed it - and if this technologically challenged numpty can manage it, then anyone can - my ebook is finally published! Admittedly I did tear my hair out a bit in the process: I had problems indenting paragraphs, when it kept indenting the first two lines instead of just the first one, but after downloading Mobipocket it sorted itself out. Mobipocket produced other problems though - my 'go to table of contents' disappeared completely, but as the contents list itself was still working okay I decided enough was enough and I'd reached the limits of my e-booking ability.

Once I found where it had downloaded my file to, and I'd imprisoned it on a USB stick for ease of discovering it again, the actual publishing bit was a doddle, although after pricing it at 99p, it came up as £1.09 ... But it is done and dusted and now at last I can settle down to the next project - I have a commissioned paper book to do as well as a backlist one I want to revise and bring out as an ebook.

So all that's left to do with this one is to wet it's head - so do please join me in my virtual launch party (well, it seemed appropriate for an ebook, and will be less disturbing for the wippitts): you are all invited, so help yourself to the virtual champagne and get stuck into the virtual nibbles - there's plenty of them, so don't be shy! But please don't blame me for any virtual headaches later ...

A pony that won't jump: a talented horse loses his nerve: prizes that mysteriously go missing: an escape artist saves the day, while a missed show results in a dream coming true, and a lost rosette leads to the opportunity of a lifetime. All this and more in

The Great Rosette Robbery and other stories

available now on Kindle.


Dan Holloway said…

You might want want to be careful wetting its head once it's inside the Kindle...:)
madwippitt said…
Thanks Dan - I'll just show it the bottle then drink it myself! The wippitts are very keen about the virtual nibbles and have anxiously requested that everyone at the party share with them ... (Look, you try explaining the concept of 'virtual' nibbles to a wippitt!)


Hee hee, it's an achievement just getting it formatted to KIndle correctly. Quite a hair-pulling experience!

Linda Newbery said…
Congratulations, Karen, and well done for persevering - think how much easier it will be next time! It's ironic that your post should come so soon after mine about horses and covers - of course I had no idea. But your cover is really appealing, and definitely did need a horse.
It seems there are lots of horses on this blog at the moment - is it a phase we're going through?
Good luck - and it's a great idea to have a virtual launch party.
Enid Richemont said…
Congratulations from me too. And the virtual champagne's yummy, not to mention the totally non-fattening nibbles (avocado whatsits for me please, and the hoummus dip ). Might do a launch for my next ebook, but haven't yet decided on which one to convert.
madwippitt said…
Do please eat and drink LOTS more as you mingle - otherwise I've no idea what I'll do with all the virtual leftovers. Can't give them all to the wippitts ...

Linda - beware - more horses will be coming up soon, as I'm now gleefully revising and editing two back listers ...

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