Party pooper - Karen Bush

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves while I mingle with your books ...

The bookcase is always the first place I gravitate to in other people's houses. While other folk are catching up on gossip or refilling their glasses in the kitchen, I'm to be found happily browsing the reading matter. Possibly this is a bit rude, but I'm shy and really bad at small talk.

But as e-books become ever more popular and new paper additions to the bookshelves grow scarcer, I find myself wondering whether it would be a breach of etiquette too far to ask if I might browse through the titles on my host's e-reader instead?

The Great Rosette Robbery and other stories
by Karen Bush


CallyPhillips said…
Ha ha.... I'm with you there. I went to a 50th birthday party last week and I wondered if I should shout out 'anyone here got a kindle cos my books on free promotion next week' but decided against it. However, the next morning did see me exchanging Kindle/Kobo pros and cons with 10 year old daughter... who is into HORSEY books and I promised to point her in the direction of said books (her Kindle is used exclusively for SCHOOL work.ugh, how dull) so I'll put yours on her list. For mum to download. Though I don't know mum knows how! Seems like kindle downloads may have the same problem mobile phone contracts had in past times -parents are gatekeepers but don't understand the technology so kids get what parents want them to have not what THEY want to read. Double edged sword
Susan Price said…
Cally - kids have always got what parents, librarians and teachers wanted them to read rather than what they wanted to read themselves. One reason I appreciated my parents is that they gave me the Beano and books I LIKED, rather than the books my non-reading aunts and uncles bought me because they thought they were 'suitable'.
madwippitt said…
Thank you Cally! Hope she gets it - more importantly, if she does, I hope she enjoys it!

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