More Fun With Anansi - Lynne Garner

Last month I posted a few activity sheets to this blog that compliment my first ebook featuring the fun and naughty character Anansi - The Trickster Spider (UK Amazon link - US Amazon link). If you missed them they can be found by clicking here
In the midst of the mayhem of helping organise our hugely successful ebook giveaway on the 23rd and 24th April I also managed, with a lot of help from my partner Jon to publish a follow on title Anansi - Trickier Than Ever (UK Amazon link - US Amazon link). This title includes 8 new fun stories aimed at adults who love to share humorous stories with the children in their lives. The stories featured are:

  • How Anansi missed four parties in one night
  • Anansi invites Turtle to tea
  • How Anansi, Fly and Ant won the sun
  • Anansi and the talking melon
  • Anansi and the moss covered rock
  • Why Anansi has thin, long legs
  • Anansi and the field of corn
  • Anansi and the tug of war

This month I wanted to give a few new activity sheets that are based on the story 'Anansi and the talking melon.' 

To print off: 
  • Click on the image you wish to print
  • Right click 
  • Click on - save linked file to "downloads" or where ever you wish to save
  • Go into file and press print 
  • Click print preview to ensure it fills entire page
  • Print
If you would prefer not to download to your computer simply click on the image, open in a new window and print off. Please note when following this route the images do not fill an entire A4 sheet.

I'm in the process of creating word searches, animal facts, quiz sheets and crosswords puzzles all linked to both Anansi titles. You never know by the time it's my turn to post again I may even be a little nearer to having a website full of free activity sheets that I can point you to. 

I hope you enjoy!

A note on copyright:
Please be aware the copyright remains with myself and Mad Moment Media Ltd. You are more than welcome to print off as many times as you wish and share the paper versions with family and friends. However please respect the time and effort that has gone into the creation of these and do not pass on in electronic form, pass off as your own or place anywhere for resale. These are offered as a thank you to my readers who support me by buying my books. 


julia jones said…
Interested to hear more of your experience whether activity sheets complement the non-tactile nature of ebook publishing. I should think they're the perfect answer really. What's your experience?
Lynne Garner said…
Julia - we have yet to see. I think kids and parents can get more out of books if there are bolt-on activities. I'm working on other projects and hope to get them onto a dedicated website - then I'll be able to see if all the work was worth it.

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