PS to Flying to Nowhere by Dennis Hamley

In case the pictures, apart from the book covers, aren't coming out (they didn't at first on my computer, just right click and then click on Show picture.  Technology is such a weird thing.


Of Dooms and Death sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading, so I downloaded the sample to my desktop Kindle reader. Alas, every line of the book, from title to last sentence is centered. It's formatted properly in the cloud reader on Amazon, but I dislike having to read books there. I thought you should be aware of this, in case it can be remedied. Unfortunately, the centering is distracting enough to keep me from buying the ebook.
Dennis Hamley said…
Thanks for telling me. I wouldn't like to try to read a novel which is all centred either. But do you mean the 'Look Inside' sample of the Amazon page? I've just had a look and it's completely OK as far as I can see. I'm VERY fussy about formatting and I can assure you that the text itself is perfect. It's going to be free soon as part of the indie festival, though we haven't decided the actual days yet. I do hope your experience doesn't put you off Joslin. I really can't account for it. Might it be the hardware?
Lee said…
I've just checked the copy on my iPad - no problem whatsoever with formatting.

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