Some thoughts on Writing not Serious by Bronwen Griffiths

I quite forgot I was due to write this blog so I dug out some pieces I wrote on writing. Take with a few pinches of salt. 

I wrote something late at night almost as I was asleep. I thought I must write it down because it was so profound and I might forget the profound words in the morning. I was very pleased I had been so diligent and written the words down rather than curling up and sleeping. But when I read the words in the morning I thought them profoundly stupid. They made me yawn with boredom, so much so that I had to sleep again.

When I near the end of my notebook I am always in a rush to finish it so that I can start a new shiny notebook. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, I have decided I will write neatly in the new notebook and will not scrawl as I have done in all my previous notebooks which are now numerous in number. Secondly I promise myself that the new notebook will only be filled with wise thoughts, not ramblings and complaints. Of course the new notebook quickly resembles all the other notebooks although it does have a nice cover and was purchased in Malaga.

Oak tree writing
I have a vision of my writing. In this vision my writing is an ancient oak tree with deep roots. It is both strong and flexible, and can withstand storms. The reality of my writing is less impressive. It resembles not so much an oak but is more like a worn, over-washed sock, full of holes and without substance.

They said my story was unfinished but I wanted to say, are not all stories incomplete? Is that not the manner of them? But perhaps I have mixed up life with stories. It is life that is always incomplete - until death comes - while good stories wrap themselves up, neatly, like parcels.

Titles I have not yet wrote
I think I will write these stories. The Surprising Taste of a Peppercorn. The Gazebo of Possibilities. The Cat and the Van Gogh hotel. Esme in her Dancing Shoes. The Strange Tale of the Psychedelic Fish.
Sadly the stories remain unwritten and only the titles remain, spinning through space like lost planets.

Bronwen is currently perhaps writing or perhaps not, depending on the day and the hour


Peter Leyland said…
Nice to see this light-hearted approach Bronwen now that I have signed up to it and feeling a bit scared!
Sandra Horn said…
Thanks for making me smile in the midst of all the covid rubbish. I love the sound of the cat story!
Eden Baylee said…
Hi Bronwen , I needed some levity today amidst my struggle with writing. Thank you!

Be well,
You should definitely write some of the stories to go with these titles - probably in a nice new notebook.

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