National Days and Book Marketing by Wendy H. Jones

As I write this, it is National Cozy Mystery Day, so social media is awash with Cozy Mysteries, which I have found a great deal of fun. As I was noodling over what to write for this months' blog post it got me thinking how we can use any National Day to market our books. There are a veritable fest of national days to choose from on any given day but I thought I would issue a fun challenge to you. Below, I have chosen two for each day of October. The challenge is to use one of them to market your book(s) for the 31 days of October. This is a follow on from last month's blog post when I talked about a challenge that others had set up and why I felt they were a good idea. So, here is my challenge and my my thirty-one choices:

1st     World Smile Day    National Hair Day

2nd    National Name Your Car Day    National Custodial Workers Day

3rd    National Techies day    National Boyfriend Day

4th    National Taco Day    National Vodka Day

5th    National Get Funky Day    National Do Something Nice day

6th    National Coffee With a Cop Day    National Plus Size Appreciation Day

7th   National Frappe Day    National Inner Beauty Day

8th   National Fluffernutter Day    National Hero Day

9th   National Chess Day    National Motorcycle Ride Day

10th    National Handbag Day    Pastor (Clergy, Minister) Appreciation Day 

11th     International Day of the Girl Child    National Kick Butt Day

12th    National Farmers Day    National Freethought Day

13th    National No Bra Day (Sorry gentlemen)    National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

14th    National Dessert Day    Be Bald and Be Free Day

15th    National Grouch Day    National Bosses Day

16th    National Dictionary Day    Global cat Day

17th    National Block Poetry Day    National Edge day

18th    National Chocolate Cupcake Day    National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

19th    National Seafood Bisque Day    National LGBT Centre Awareness Day

20th    National Youth Confidence Day    National Brandied Fruit Day

21st    Get to Know Your Customers Day    National Reptile Awareness day

22nd   National Nut Day    National Colour day

23rd    iPod Day     National Make a Difference day

24th    National Food day    National Mother-in-Law Day

25th    Sourest Day    National Greasy Food Day

26th    National Day of the Deployed    National Mincemeat Day

27th    Navy Day     National Black cat Day

28th     National Chocolate Day    National First Responders Day

29th    National Frankenstein Friday    World Stroke Day

30th    National Publicist Day    National Trick or Treat Day

31st    Halloween    National Doorbell day

So there we have it, the challenge issued. Yes, I appreciate some of them are esoteric but we are all creative beings and we should be able to come up with something innovative and exciting. Trust me, I had many even more esoteric ones to choose from. I'm already thinking of how I could market my books using these and I hope you are too. So, if you fancy joining me, let me know in the comments. That's thirty-one days and thirty-one ways of marketing your books right at the time when people are thinking about Christmas presents. It's a cracking opportunity. Let's light up social media with a celebration of books. 

By the way, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so I do images for these challenges. The one at the top is for my Cass Claymore book and I did it using Bookbrush. If you fancy buying it you can do so from my website from any bookshop or as an ebook via the universal link which will take you to the online store of your choice. 

About the Author

Wendy H. Jones is an award-winning, international best-selling author who writes adult crime books, young adult mysteries, children's picture books and non-fiction books for writers. She is also a writing and marketing coach, runs the Writing Matters Online School and is the CEO of Authorpreneur Accelerator Academy, The president of the Scottish Association of Writers and hosts The Writing and Marketing Show podcast. She is currently writing a series of historical fiction novels based around the life of a 19th Century Surgeon in the Royal Navy. 


Ruth Leigh said…
Yes, dash it all! I will join you. What a great idea. I loved the #showusyourbooks challenge so thanks for sharing this one!
Wendy H. Jones said…
That's at least two of us so far. Let's light up social media
Brendan Conboy said…
Absolutely, I will join you. It's such a BONKERS idea I love it. Already planning some. Thanks for another great blog.
Wendy H. Jones said…
You are welcome, Brendan. You re right, it is a bonkers idea but I think it's uniqueness makes it a great fit. My brain is buzzing with ideas.
Umberto Tosi said…
Love it! Count me in. The 6th works especially well for my latest mystery. My one-eyed, 1950s noir detective, Frankl Ritz - spars frequently with a cop over coffee, as well as the harder stuff. It's a love-hate friendship going back to World War 2 Army days.Thank you.
Wendy H. Jones said…
Fantastic, Umberto. Lets do this.

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