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Can a casual tip from a driver for a new Lyft service called Pink add a bold new color to the palette of  your life? If that thought's not too absurd, could that color unify decades-long long skeins of thought into one powerful cord? And could  that cord help you harness a great force you'd hoped to believe in?

Fear not. That's a lot to chew on for one blog, especially the short type I prefer to read and write, it's true. But I'll try to bring it home by starting near the middle...flashing back briefly with both art and speed...and then rocketing on to the finish.

Step One: In media res

One night a Lyft driver in Tucson recommended their new premium service called Pink. Regular passengers like myself, she said, could save up to $3 a ride at a cost of $10/month. The instant I got home, I began my research. The intel I'd been given had been both true and false. The savings did not come off the cheap Wait and Save fare, with its wait time of 5-15 minutes. No, the savings applied to the Priority fare: first-class service with next to no waiting, the fare reduced to the bargain price.

Was I disappointed? Yes, at first. But disappointment gave way to a steely resolve. Tucson was the place for me and I wanted to travel first class. So I needed a new job and a bigger paycheck. I planned to use the lessons that I'd learned from Pink: I'd networked and asked probing questions...I'd tested the intel received...I'd sworn to do whatever needed doing to live and travel first class.

Step two: Now and Then

Sure, dreams and vows are wonderful. But how do we bring them about or keep the fire burning when we begin to drift? A week after I subscribed to Pink, while cleaning my Tucson apartment,  I found a book I thought I'd lost years ago: the Essential, or abridged, edition of Deepak Chopra's classic book. The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence.

Chopra's message had resonated with me: that everyday coincidences are not random or meaningless--but are important clues to living our dreams and living richer, fuller lives. Was my finding this book now, in Tucson, when I'd been rippleshocked by Pink, only a coincidence? Or was it a call to arms in service of a lost belief? Your answer to that will determine whether you follow me on to Step three. You should, even if with a wry, tolerant smile. After all, it isn't every day that an older man with a wounded knee and an empty bed finds new life in Tucson through the rippleshock power of Pink and help from Deepak Chopra.

Step three: Lusting after Lists

Chopra suggests keeping a coincidence log to help us perceive patterns. It may seem silly at the start--also slow going until we have sharpened our perception of coincidences as clues. But once they have been noticed, they seem to pick up speed. Example:

1) Recently, my brother Steve suggested that I look into work from home because of my lame knee and the time/expense of commuting to work. 

2) The next week, a Lyft driver gave me a link for call center work online. I resisted because I hate all center work.

3) But since then, three more Lyft drivers have suggested remote work--proofreading or editing. One gave me some useful links. 

4) Two days ago, the HR director at work resigned to pursue remote work at home. That same night, another Lyft driver urged me to apply at the University of Arizona for proofreading work.

By all means, draw your own conclusions.  But whatever you decide, here's hoping you feel in the Pink.

This is my report.


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Peter Leyland said…
I have rush-read this Reb because in this freezing country I am off to see my daughter in the morning and Sue is telling me to get us packed!!

But as you may know ifrom my blogs I am a great believer in co-incidences so I hope this all comes good for you.

Very best wishes for Xmas and New Year.

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