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Book launches scare me, I have to confess. I’ve done a couple for my own books. One I had at home, inviting friends and neighbours for wine and cake and suggesting, as tactfully as possible, that if they would like to buy a copy of my new book …

Needless to say, everyone bought a copy of “House of Shadows” which should have left me feeling elated, but being me, I started to worry if they had felt obliged. Once the guilt kicked in, it was hard to convince myself to repeat the process even though in financial terms it had been very successful.

Each time I’ve had a new book coming out, I’ve thought about doing it again and each time I’ve shied away from the idea.

I suppose it’s all part of my writer’s fear of being rejected, which to a certain extent is compounded by being Indie published. Not that I want to change that though I suspect that the validation of traditional publishing would give me the confidence to host another launch.

The crazy part of all this is that whenever I’ve been to friend’s book launches, they’ve always been friendly and supportive occasions where everyone enjoys themselves.

Saturday evening was a case in point. I went to the launch of “Shattered” by Stephanie Carty a long standing writing friend. 

It was cold and drizzling when I set out. Wearing my long winter coat I made my way down the hill to the King Street Studios. I wasn’t sure who would be there, or if  apart from Stephanie there would be anyone I know, but apart from the prosecco and gluten free cake, what was stood out about the evening were the people who had turned up to celebrate Stephanie’s first step into the world of the published novelist. There were friends from her childhood, former work colleagues and other writers. We chatted and shared experiences and I walked home with a warm buzz.

So, when “Friday Nights at Rosa’s” comes out will I book a room, buy a few bottles of bubbly wine, bake some cakes and invite friends and family? Well…I just might.

PS The picture is of me at a book fair, not a launch...I don't have any of those. 


Umberto Tosi said…
Congratulations in any case. Good luck with "House of Shadows." I look forward to reading it. I know the feeling.

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