All of us Electric Authors here at Authors Dreaming Central wish our readers a very happy Christmas.

          It's Christmas Day, so I don't suppose many people are going to read this - apart from the odd one taking a breather from the festivities.  But for those who do, here's a short and rather sweet Christmas story, inspired by my own family's Christmas memories....


          'Oh look! Look! The chimney sweep! Oh, I used to love him!' Jennifer held up a small glass globe which tapered, at the top and bottom, into delicate glass spikes. It was a perfect, pale lavender in colour, neither too red nor too blue. The translucent glass sphere attracted light and held it, like a bubble.
          Painted round it was a dark-blue silhouette of a chimney sweep carrying a long ladder on his shoulder, and another silhouette of an old-fashioned lamp-post. White blobs of snow fell around the sweep, and there was a suggestion of snow-covered ground at his feet.

          'This was one of the globes I had when I was a little girl,' Jennifer said, holding the delicate bauble above the heads of her own two daughters, Anna and Catherine. Anna reached up for it.

          'No, let Catherine hold it, and you can look at it. Be careful, Cath, it's very fragile. I'm amazed it's still in one piece.'

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         This story comes from my collection NIGHTCOMERS, which is available for download from Amazon here.
         My collections HAUNTINGS, and OVERHEARD IN A GRAVEYARD are also available.
          The title story, Overheard In A Graveyard, can be read on my website, here.
          Another story, Caisho Burroughs, can be read here.


madwippitt said…
ooooer ... we still have a little tree like the one in the photo too ...
madwippitt said…
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Dan Holloway said…
merry Christmas all!

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