Thursday, 12 January 2012


Susan Jane Smith, B.Sc.
          Do you believe all children in the world deserve and need the following  (extracted from my book “Emotional Health For Emotional Wealth)? 
          Freedom from fear.

          Freedom from inflicted physical pain – that means no hitting or kicking them;  no burning them (including stubbing cigarettes out on their bodies), not being knifed or shot.

          Freedom from imprisonment in their homes (no shutting in cupboards or cages, no tying up).

          Freedom from neglect – not living with inadequate parents/carers who do not provide three nutritionally-balanced meals every day. Not living with drug takers or alcoholics, not having to take care of an adult who is physically ill/disabled or mentally ill (I think of the client whose mother just stood for hours looking out of the window, because she was too depressed to take care of her child). Children do not do well if they are with an adult who is self-obsessed for any reason.
          Freedom from the emotional pain of verbal put-downs, being sworn at or the uncertainty created by a parent/carer who is out of control and breaks the plates or hits the walls.  Not being with people where there is domestic violence witnessed by the child.  Not the psychological trauma of sexual abuse.  (Let alone the physical impact).

          My work has taught me that all children deserve to go to sleep in a clean, warm bed with healthy food in their tummies and with the security of knowing they are loved – not a lack of the words “I love you”, nor those words without being backed up by the behaviour of the adults around them.

          All children deserve to feel safe, be secure, have time to play, get adequate medical care and receive age-appropriate  education so that they are able to develop into fully functioning adults.
          If any society does not ensure this for every child then we are failing them by not putting the needs of the children first and foremost.  You simply cannot create a thriving global economy for all if the foundations are not in place for the development of the child.  They truly are the future of the world.

          If you know anyone who has trouble managing  their temper or lack parenting skills do suggest they take a look at my suggestions on page 33!  What are they actually trying to achieve?

          “Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth” is available on Kindle and paperbacks can be ordered from bookshops or via


Kathleen Jones said...

I agree absolutely. It's shameful that in today's first world economies these abuses are increasing rather than declining.

Susan Price said...

Completely agree, Sue and Kathleen. I came from such a safe and happy home that when, at about 12, I first read an account of a child being beaten to death by its parents, I literally could not believe it. I remember saying to my father that it couldn't be true! Because the people accused were the child's Mom and Dad! It was so far from my experience.
I wish so much that the same could be said of every child.

Pauline Fisk said...

An inspiring post, Susan. iIt seems to me that in a self-centric society, where the needs of grown-up 'children' are paramount, the needs of real children simply get lost.