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In previous posts I have talked about how I've tried to increase my eBook sales by following the steps in an eBook called How To Make A Killing On Kindle.

Reading this book prompted me to look for other tools Amazon provide. I'd noticed readers could add images below a books front cover. Unfortunately because the 'look inside' button only brings up the copyright info for my picture books potential customers are unable to view any of the pages. I therefore decided it might be a good idea to use this facility.

So I signed in, found The Best Rabbit and clicked on 'share your own customer images.' Followed the simple instructions and added three images from the book. Now, when a potential buyer finds this picture eBook they see additional images under the cover.

If interested they simply click on the thumbnail and a larger image comes up.

Amazon has also given the facility to allow text to be added. So when a potential buyer hovers over the image they're given further information.    

The one draw back appears to be that this has only gone onto the UK site. So my next step is to repeat the process (if I can - research needed) on the US site.

I'll continue to monitor sales on a daily basis to try to determine if this makes any difference to sales. If it does then I'll repeat the process with my other books.

I'll keep you updated. 

Lynne Garner
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Ann said…
Thanks for talking about these extra images. I knew they could be added but it never dawned on me to add extra images of my own picture books.

About your Look Inside only showing the copyright page. If you self publish, you can put that page at the back of the book. I do for just that reason.
Lydia Bennet said…
yes most ebooks have copyright at the back these days seemingly. have you noticed any difference so far using the book's ideas? I hope they work for you!
madwippitt said…
I noticed it - only one book I've done so far has illustrations - but I have been toying with the idea of adding some: your post has now given me the impetus to go do it! Thanks!
Stephanie Zia said…
That looks really useful. Thank you. And Looking forward to next instalment.

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