Do readers dream of electric autographs - by Hywela Lyn

Some readers are just happy to read a book. Then there are others who want more - some contact with the author. In the old days it was simple enough. An author would hold an actual booksigning in a bookstore or library and sign a real, live book.
These days it is not quite so easy. When more and more, books are becoming available on-line, rather than, or as well as in print, how does an author enable a reader to  get a coveted autographed copy?

Well the solution is simple really - get an 'authorgraph'.  If you haven't come across this neat little idea, go along to and sign up. It was developed by Evan Jacob, a Seattle software developer.  It's free and you just need the ASIN of your book (which is right after 'dp' in the URL of your book on Amazon) Then, when a reader requests an autographed copy, you can send them either an actual electronic signature, using your mouse, or stylus/finger if using an IPad, or select a preformatted font version, if your on-line writing is a little shaky..  Either way you can include a personal message. You also have the option of advertising your 'autograph',displaying a copy of your book cover, like this: 
click the picture to go to my Kindlegraph page

Your 'autograph' requests are sent to you by Email and delivered as a separate document to the recipient's Kindle, together with a copy of your bookcover. Alternatively, if they don't have a Kindle they can request a download of a PDF copy which can be read on a variety of platforms. In these days of 'virtual' book tours, this is a little more than a 'virtual' signature and a reader can build up a nice collection of electronic 'authorgraphs'.

Seems like a great idea for both electronic authors and their readers. While there is something very satisfying and personal about a signature on a book page, this seems to be a  perfectly good solution for Ebooks. What do you think? 

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Chris Longmuir said…
Great idea, Lyn, must look into it.
Lydia Bennet said…
fascinating, thanks for this info! I do a lot of signings esp as a performance poet, have wondered how to do the same for ebooks.
Bill Kirton said…
Thanks, Lyn. As a collector of signed copies of books myself, I'm glad there's an e-version of the procedure - not quite the same as the presence of the author and her scrawl but a step towards it.
madwippitt said…
What a great idea! Although I love my small, cherished and battered collection of signed first editions, some books are only available as ebooks. Postcards or bookmarks are the only other option really, and where do you keep them?
Hywela Lyn said…
Thanks for your comments, Chris, Lydia, Bill and Madwippitt. I have to say it's quite a boost to the confidence to get a request for an 'authorgraph'!
julia jones said…
Brilliant. Thanks for telling the rest of us
glitter noir said…
Marvelous. This one goes into my Hot Tips file.
Hywela Lyn said…
Thanks Julia and Reb, glad you found it useful.

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