Crazy Days: Editing and Inspiration - by Rosalie Warren

First of all, my apologies that this post will be short and somewhat hurried, although I will try not to destroy my proofreading credentials by leaving it full of mistakes.

My excuse for the rush is that I am currently working flat out to produce an e-book and a paperback for a client. No, I am not an expert in self-publishing - far from it. This particular client hired me several months ago to do editing work for him on a religious treatise he has been compiling for the past few years. The editing work has been somewhat challenging. There were rather a lot of files, including three versions of a full length book and a big pile of shorter pieces. From all these, I was asked to produce a condensed version that would distil the essence of the work, serve as an introduction to the rest (which will go on the website) and, of course, 'flow nicely'. Now I like a challenge and I'm not complaining, but the workload has proved even greater than I expected (thankfully I am being paid by the hour).

To cut a long story short, as indeed I was asked to do - the editing task is now almost complete. My client is very pleased with what I've done, which is a huge relief.

But he has now asked me to help him produce a website, an e-version and a paperback, asap. He knows I am no expert in any of these things, but has asked me to find other people who are. I've found a good website designer and that seems to be under control. The e-book I think I can do, knowing I've done this twice before. The paperback, thanks to the suggestions of a number of very helpful Electric Authors over the last few days (thank you, everyone!) is beginning to seem manageable, too.

My client has very good reasons for being in a hurry - sad ones which I won't go into here. But what has affected me deeply about this project is his sense of commitment to getting it exactly right. He is not an academic, just an ordinary guy. I am not particularly religious and don't share all his beliefs. But that is not relevant to the editing, of course. What's important is that I deeply respect his conscientious approach towards making this book as perfect as he can.

As someone who, as far as I know, still has a good few years left to work on my own books, I feel deeply honoured to have been involved in this project, and re-inspired to work my hardest to be true to my 'sources', too. Not spiritual ones in my case... but that sense of doing your utmost to get a novel "right" (to be true to your characters, perhaps?) is not so very different, or does not feel that way to me.

I had better get back to the editing... and everything else. 

Please wish me luck or whatever it is I need to make a good job of this!


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That sounds like a formidable task, but one which I am sure you are going to knock out of the park. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted!
Dennis Hamley said…
You have my admiration, Rosalie. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. You may find that you take more pride in it even than in your own work.
Bill Kirton said…
Sounds as if you don't need luck, Rosalie (although I wish it for you if you want). Your client's commitment is being matched by yours although I must say it does sound a real challenge. I think Dennis may be right - getting this work right may prove a greater satisfaction than the one you get from self-generated materials.
Rosalie Warren said…
Thank you, Robin, Dennis and Bill. I am indeed getting a lot of satisfaction from this work, though I must say I've enjoyed getting on with some of my own writing today as a bit of light relief :-)
Anonymous said…
You will learn so much from this! The desire to get things right is in most writers - but the path is not an easy one.

Best of luck - much of which will be produced by your hard work. What is it they say? Luck favors the prepared mind.
Rosalie Warren said…
Thank you, ABE. I like that saying a lot.
glitter noir said…
Your client's very lucky to have you at his side. Congratulations. And...fine post!
Rosalie Warren said…
Thank you, Reb. I'm certainly learning a lot.

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