Storytelling in Kingston - Andrew Crofts

“Kingston Connections” is a three year project about storytelling. It is a joint venture between Kingston University, The Rose Theatre, Creative Youth and the local council.
The reason I bring this up is that in amongst their extensive programme of talks, debates, projects and performances, I am appearing on a panel for a discussion entitled “Becoming Your Own Publisher”, which might well be of interest to readers of this site.
My role on the panel is to talk about where ghostwriters can fit into the whole process. I was recruited for the project by the redoubtable Dr. Alison Baverstock, who not only runs an extremely well respected MA course on publishing at Kingston University but is also a prolific writer on matters pertaining to publishing and is the author of “The Naked Author”, by far the best book so far on self-publishing, (although ironically published in the traditional manner by Bloomsbury).
The talk is happening on Monday 24th June at 5.30 p.m. in the Culture Café of the Rose Theatre and entry is free should anyone be interested.
The programme is available online here:


Rosalie Warren said…
Wish I could come to this, Andrew - sounds really good. Hope it all goes well.

julia jones said…
Interesting. Thanks

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