207th Amazon Review Just In! by John A. A. Logan

Reviews for The Survival of Thomas Ford have been popping up quite quickly lately on Amazon.

The 200th one came in on Amazon.com, the U.S. site, around Christmas Day, and then the 207th review appeared there a few days ago.

On Amazon.co.uk, the UK site, The Survival of Thomas Ford has 93 reviews now.

That amounts to nearly 300 reviews total if Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com are combined (though not quite 300 as there are a few reviews duplicated on both sites).

It has taken 3 years for the 300 or so reviews to accrue on Amazon for The Survival of Thomas Ford, so roughly 100 reviews a year, or 1 review every 3 or 4 days, on average.

Noticing this led me over to Goodreads, to seek out some other 3-yearly statistics for The Survival of Thomas Ford.
The “Rating details/Book data” section there tells me that:

1053 people on Goodreads have “added” The Survival of Thomas Ford
276 have “rated” it
63 have reviewed it
And that “81% of people liked it”

On Goodreads the ratings break down as:
47 5-stars; 86 4-stars; 90 3-stars; 43 2-stars; 10 1-stars

On Amazon US the reviews break down as:
68 5-stars; 65 4-stars; 40 3-stars; 10 2-stars; 24 1-stars

On Amazon UK the reviews break down as:
63 5-stars; 14 4-stars; 7 3-stars; 3 2-stars; 6 1-stars

The Survival of Thomas Ford has had 150000 downloads in total so far, so thanks very much to everyone who has downloaded over the last 3 years!

A few wee review snippets from Amazon/Goodreads:

“Excellent read. Not your garden variety thriller, this one has twists and unexpected turns all the way to its dysfunctional and disturbing end!”

“This story grabbed me from the beginning and didn’t let go. I continued to think about it even after I had finished reading it. A real spell binder. A psychological thriller.
Does evilness get passed down from parent to child? It definitely does when it comes to Jimmy and his father.
Well written with good character development.”

“I enjoyed the story. It had me on the edge of my seat throughout the book! I would read this authors books. It was interesting.”

“A very wild ride this book. I think a very emotional too. You just keep reading all night long. Good one.”

“I’ve recommended this book to my son and my daughter-in-law who reads a lot. I found this book to be a spell binder.”

“A motor car accident leaves one dead and one survivor. Thomas Ford doesn’t remember how he survived the crash that killed his wife, only the bird like face of the other driver he swerved to avoid. The twists and turns the story takes encompass the other driver and his passenger’s guilt and fear of being caught and what they will do to avoid that capture. Do “bad seeds” reoccur generationally? What causes someone to be so twisted from practically infanthood? Does the past come back to haunt us in inexplicable ways?
Logan manages to write a gripping psychological thriller with beautiful and descriptive prose that carries the reader along, creating a tension that keeps us reading. We have to know what happens. The story is told in alternating voices allowing the reader to know where the protagonists are in their thinking processes.

“I’m really enjoying this so far. Love the prose, gritty and the characters are more than a little twisted (Jimmy)…”

“Amazing! Read this book in one evening, it’s so addictive! All the characters are brilliantly created and get the perfect reaction from the reader. Will definitely be reading more from this author.”

The Survival of Thomas Ford available on Amazon.com:

The Survival of Thomas Ford available on Amazon.co.uk:

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