XPONorth/Indie Author Fair: London, Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross Road - This Friday ... SEE YOU THERE! - John A. A. Logan (and Friends)

After not being in London since last time I was there (!) (to appear on the Indie Author Panel at London Book Fair 2012 with Joni Rodgers, Dan Holloway, and Linda Gillard, which was the launch event for the Alliance of Independent Authors)...I once more find myself in possession of Train tickets south to the Metropolis...(and this time even a Hotel Room booking, instead of sitting up all night on a 12-hour train journey like last time!)...

From 4pm to 7.30pm on Friday 17th April...(i.e. this Friday coming)...the XPONorth-sponsored Indie Author Fair at Foyles Bookshop on Charing Cross Road, London, will be open to the public FREE (including free drinks and even some free author swag from what I hear!)...

You'll find myself and 6 other authors at the XPONorth table, and if acquaintances Auld or New would like to come over and say Hello, well, that is what we are travelling South for!

This event has, at last, jolted me into producing paperback copies of The Survival of Thomas Ford (with many thanks to the wonderful Dean Fetzer of GunBoss who designed the book!)

While generating physical copies of what had only been an ebook for the past 3 years, I heard that authors were taking "swag" to the event this Friday, so I decided to get into this Swag business too...
I may even have overdone it a little!

The Survival of Thomas Ford 100 percent cotton long-sleeve T-shirts, anyone?

 Or perhaps, for the discerning Urbanite, The Survival of Thomas Ford Notebook, Keyring, and Pen set?

When caught in a spring shower, or in need of shade, what better than 100 percent cotton The Survival of Thomas Ford baseball caps, in a choice of colours? (I'm getting into this hehheh!)

Whilst on Holiday, why not keep in touch with the Folks at Home with The Survival of Thomas Ford postcards?

All Swag items obtained via www.vistaprint.co.uk!

At the XPONorth table (which would have had some freshly imported Whisky but I think we've been banned from this exploit!), my fellow authorly companions will be:

The intrepid (whisky smuggling) Orla Broderick!

Orla was born in Ireland and raised in Wicklow Town. She attended an all girls Irish Catholic boarding school where she was often in trouble. She left Ireland in the nineties to ride motorbikes and explore the world. Orla lived on the Isle of Skye for fifteen years and now on the east coast of Scotland where she is writing her second novel. Her first novel, The January Flower, was nominated for the Polari First Book Prize 2013, and was awarded a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award in 2014

The irrepressible LG Thomson!

LG was short-listed for the Dundee Book Prize and won a national writing competition before independently publishing three novels.  She lives in Ullapool where she presents a radio programme, Losing The Plot.  Her interests include cinema and coastal rowing.  She is currently working on the sequel to Boyle’s Law.
BOYLE'S LAW - Cracking crime thriller with a classic femme fatale and an anti hero you will end up rooting for, but with lust, murder, and a diamond heist in the picture, be prepared for a view of the Scottish Highlands you won't see on any glossy calendar. "Top-notch tartan noir."
EROSION - ten tense people are stranded on a remote Scottish island - a page-turning contemporary twist on classic suspense. 
EACH NEW MORN - gripping tale set in post apocalyptic Scotland.

The enigmatic Flora Kennedy!

Flora is a Scottish author, poet and creative director. She trained as a journalist in Glasgow before becoming an international, award-winning advertising writer.
Her short story, 'Tenderness' was included in Bloody Scotland’s 'Worth the Wait' eBook. Her new novel, 'The Wild Folk' is a vivid tale of murderous secrets and mysterious folklore.

The formidable Max Brossin!

Max is the author of Bloody August. Previously an Academic Manager and English Language teacher, Max has gained a wealth of stories from travels and observations. Max’s notable neighbours have included the Sultan of Brunei and the US ambassador, who he never asked if he had any spare sugar.

The adventure-loving Angela M Formby!

Angela was born in 1943, and grew up in Formby, Sefton. She studied at  Manchester University, where she met and married a Syrian student. They moved to Aleppo, Syria in 1971. She is now in Elgin, Scotland, where she has finally dared to go to print with her writing.

The Yarn-spinning Elizabeth Lovick!

Liz lives and works on the small Orkney island of Flotta.  She has self published many fibre workbooks and is the author of the best selling ‘The Magic of Shetland
Lace Knitting’ and editor of 'Centenary Stitches', a book of patterns updated from the WW1 era.

That's all, folks!
We came in no particular order and, like the Macbeths' guests in The Scottish Play, we will now "stand not upon the order of our going, but go at once!"

We look forward to seeing you all at our XPONorth table on Friday - and many other authors will be there too, of course, at the other tables, with their books, and maybe even some swag(!)...check the list of authors at the link below to see if any of your own favourites will be there...
Roz Morris...Orna Ross...Linda Gillard...Authors Electric's own Kathleen Jones...C J Lyons...Debbie Young...they'll all be there, so why not Thee?
Here is the full list of authors appearing:


SEE YOU THERE (if my books and swag bag aren't too heavy to get on the train)!


Dennis Hamley said…
John, why can't you, even at this late stage, change the day? I can't manage Friday but I'd have loved to be there. Go on, be a mate and postpone it all for 24 hours. It all sounds good, good, good. I'm at the LBFair on Tuesday though.
Amanda said…
Oh wow, the Thomas Ford book looks amazing in paperback! I like the black t-shirt. All the merchandise looks fantastic. Your fans are in for a big treat. How exciting for you, and them! Have a fantastic time in London, John. Ax
Wendy H. Jones said…
Hope you all have a fabulous time. Great swag
Jan Needle said…
i'd love to be there too. sadly no can do. all the best with it, tho
Chris Longmuir said…
Best of luck it sounds great, and I hope you move all of your swag as well as a ton load of books.
Áine said…
I can vouch for The January Flower (Orla's prose is gorgeous and includes a liberal sprinkling of Gaelic); and, of course, for The Survival of Thomas Ford. John's prose is dark,vivid and cinematic. The Flora Kennedy book sounds like my cup of tea. I will be buying it. Tha sin glè mhath! to all the XPO North authors. Axx
Lydia Bennet said…
Good luck with all the merch and enjoy the trip, John, Orla and co! Give Linda G a hug from me. I assume your next blog will be a report on the day, I hope so as it sounds interesting. Not sure what XPO means specifically.
Flora Kennedy said…
John, you're magnificent.
Kathleen Jones said…
It was really great to see you there, John, and the T-shirts looked great - it was a fabulous idea. The day was really interesting and a great opportunity - only problem was the lack of punters because Foyles didn't allow advertising, so no one in the shop knew that there was an Indie Book Fair on the top floor with lovely books for sale. Otherwise we'd all have sold out!

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