Happy Christmas Eve! by Jo Carroll

You know how everything happens at once sometimes? Of course you do. It's Christmas Eve, and if you've five minutes to read blogs, I'm impressed.

And Life doesn't stop because it's Christmas. People get ill, babies arrive, kids fall off their bikes, grandmas complain about their knees in the cold. The weather can be kind, or angry, or simply perverse. Central heating breaks down. Many are working their socks off so that others can spend the time with their families. Some young people have exams when they go back to school.

You get the idea. So it was a pretty silly time for me to launch a novel. But having spent forever researching and writing and editing and generally faffing about every word, it is now Finished!

So why not wait until the New Year to launch it? Because I'm off to Malawi for six weeks in January, and who knows what will fill my hours when I get back. So it was publish now and be damned.

Of course you don't have time to fill your kindle today. But - in a day or two when you are too full to move and everyone else in the house is falling over in front of a film you've seen ten times before -  maybe you have time and headspace for a tale of a woman who left the wilds of Ireland during the potato famine, and ended her days in the wilds of New Zealand. What took her so far? And why?

Then you can pop across to Amazon and buy it here.

And if you want to read more of my stuff, you can find it at www.jocarroll.co.uk


Jan Needle said…
And a Happy Christmas to you, too! xx
Fran B said…
My forebears left Ireland during that famine and I went out to NZ in 2003 for the birth of my granddaughter. So your book is irresistible! Got it!
Dennis Hamley said…
Kay, my wife, loved it and so will I. My first wife came from the west of Ireland and Kay was brought up in Hokatika, so what's not to like?

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