Midsummer 99p Kindle sale - Katherine Roberts

Forgive me, but it's far too hot down here on the beach to write a long blog post. So here's a little Devonshire ditty (please excuse the accent), followed by a few 99p treats for your summer holiday Kindle... enjoy!

There was a young author from Totnes
Who wrote a book about a quest.
It went out of print
When her publisher was skint,
Which saddened our Devonshire authoress.

Along came a site called Amazon,
Champions of digital fiction.
E-book or paperback,
No title do they lack
By authors whose books sell for a song.

Now readers worldwide can rejoice
Because there's never been so much choice.
Many ebooks are free
Or ninety-nine pee*,
Why not download one this Summer Solst(o)ice?


You'll be relieved to hear Katherine Roberts does not make her living as a poet. She writes fantasy and historical fiction for young readers with a focus on legend and myth, and historical fiction with a touch of romance for older readers under the name 'Katherine A Roberts'. 


For one day only, Katherine's backlist Kindle titles are just 99p* each (time zones may differ, so please check the price before downloading).

Echorium trilogy:

Earthaven series:

Seven Fabulous Wonders:

Alexander the Great from the horse's mouth:

Short story collections:

More details of all these books at www.katherineroberts.co.uk


Our brand new Authors Electric fiction anthology publishes today, also at the bargain price of 99p* for a limited period!

(*or, with an American accent, 99c)


Wendy H. Jones said…
You can be assured your poetry is better than mine
Nice of you to say so, Wendy, but I can hear poets the world over wincing... sunstroke, that's my excuse!
Fran B said…
It bowls along and get the message over
AliB said…
Nice one Kathryn, I like your style :)

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