"What Now?" -- Jan Edwards

When I have finished writing a book, be that a novel, short story collection or something factual, there is always a period of becalming.

The headlong bustle of writing In Her Defence, the next in the Bunch Courtney series, followed by the agony of editing, falls inevitably into a ‘what now?’ phase.

I have plenty to write. Book three is already in planning but will remain at the ‘thinking’ stage for a while longer. There is the crime short promised for an anthology, and at least 3 stand-alone novels that need an extra polish before they are let loose on the unsuspecting public.

So again I ask myself ‘what now?’
Well, one way to regroup is to skive off down to the allotments!  I recently took half shares in a plot and won a silver medal!  So now is the time to reap the harvest and take a few weeks to enjoy some rest!  Some September I shall be back at the keyboard raring to go.

What do you do to get back on track?

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Umberto Tosi said…
Good luck with "In Her Defence!"I know the feeling, for me, a combination of emptiness and fidgets. I treat myself to an outing, or movie, or some activity that clears my head. Also, tackling a short story, or short-short, or something to cleanse the writing palate works for me.
janedwards said…
I do have a short to write for an antho - or there is the old coal bunker to demolish :-)
Bill Kirton said…
Yep, allotment is the way to go. So far, I only have a garden, but it's a start, and it does the trick for me..
Elizabeth Kay said…
Nothing quite like gardening for de-stressing, and plot formulation! And eating the results, of course. It's been a bumper year for raspberries...
misha said…
A time away from the writing re-charges the creative batteries. Wish my raspberries were good too. On the other hand, I've never had so many courgettes.
Sandra Horn said…
I knit - but thank you for the word 'becalming'! I'll substitute it for 'writer's block'!
janedwards said…
My Raspberries are not good either Misha. Must be local conditions.

Gardening is a great way to chill (and think)

Sandra: I see writers block as more of a haitus than a hurdle :-)

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