Super Thursday 600 - Jan Edwards

They call it Super Thursday, when booksellers set out new big sellers in time for the Christmas market. In previous years this has been held on the first Thursday in October, and is rooted in a tradition stretching back over decades.

We didn't call it Super Thursday back when I was first in bookselling in the late 1960s. It was just taken as read that the first week of October was the starting gun for the Yuletide sales drive.

Stockroom shelves, which had been groaning with those hardback delights, would be emptied out into the shop. Titles by best known authors went into the window display (complete with tree and fake snow) and the card display rack doubled in size as seasonal cards made their debut. Then as now the titles were taken from expected best sellers; biographies, humorous books, novels by best known authors, glossy coffee table books, children's annuals and so on and so on. 

This year, according to the Guardian, Super Thursday has apparently moved to 3rd September when a recorded 600 titles are expected to be released into the bookasphere. The reason given, as with just about everything in 2020, is of course the Covid19 pandemic.

The usual venues closed in March for all of those wine and nibbles launches, and literary events that provide a constant stream of soft launches moved online. Yes we have online buying but the wherewithall to launch new titles with all of the bells and whistles that publishers and authors alike tend to expect publications has been denied them.

Because so many titles were delayed there is a resultant log jam of books still scheduled for 2020. Those 600 titles might have been rolled over into 2021 (I have stories in two such anthologies where that has happened), but it would only be delaying the inevitable book tsunami.

Now that we have some kind of socially distanced ability to get out there an mingle perhaps there will be a second super in a month’s time. Who knows.  

Because of the uncertainty of launch capability over the summer there was talk of delaying the publication of my own novel Listed Dead (third in my Bunch Courtney Investigations crime series), but it had already been moved on once and in the end it seemed easier to stick with the August launch. I was never realistically going to give Jodi Picault or Robert Galbraith cause to worry about any clash of dates (good as that would be to imagine) so the issue was entirely moot.

Like any of the 'Super Thursday 600' I have no idea whether not having the opportunity of interacting with an audience at the launch and events can ever be quite the same, though I have had some fun taking part in online events. I write because that is what I do, despite all that the world throws in my way. With the Listed Dead launch done and dusted I am head-down working on book four and loving every moment of that process. 2021 is another year.

To everyone putting a book out there this year I say good sailing, and may your next endeavour be everything you could ever wish for.  


Listed Dead:Bunch Courtney Investigation #3 is available for pre-order HERE and published in paper and digital formats on 6th August 2020

A Small Thing for Yolanda is out in paper and digital formats HERE

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misha said…
"Island of Fear" is scheduled to be published on that fateful third of September. My kids' book will be out there with the big guys and I don't know whether it will sink or swim. What I do know is that the support of friends, family and readers will make a difference. So thanks Jan for wishing me luck and those of you who haven't already got "Listed Dead" get out there and get your copy. It's a great read.
Eden Baylee said…
Hi Jan,

What a super attitude you have! You're so right, 2021 is another year.

May LISTED DEAD succeed for you in ways you never dreamed.

janedwards said…
Thanks Eden :-) Putting 2020 down to history is all we can do at this stage.

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