A Review by Andrew Crofts: 'Book Wars' by John B. Thompson - The ultimate book on our recent struggles


Very excited to receive an advance copy of “Book Wars – The Digital Revolution in Publishing” by John B. Thompson which is due to be published on March 12th.

A few years ago, I wrote fulsomely about his brilliant book, “Merchants of Culture”, and this one seems to be even more up my street. The reviewers on the back cover seem as excited as me.

“As comprehensive, wide and deeply considered an appraisal of the book publishing world as one can imagine … this masterful work should be the foundation for all future thinking about book publishing …”  “extraordinary in its breadth and depth…” and so on.

Hopefully I will have read it by the time I do my next post and will be able to pass on some of the Professor’s objective wisdom on the wars we have all been fighting at close quarters for the last twenty or so years.


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