Friday, 12 August 2011

A Blogging Virgin by Susan Jane Smith

Susan Jane Smith
I became an author without ever having any desire to write!

Let me explain: I was a Psychotherapist in private practice and busy, but always short on time or money due to the labour intensive nature of the work. I meditated about how to get more money and the "answer" came back "write the book"! Well, what to write? I had read you should write about what you know so I started to try to convey all that I had learnt in 20 years of my professional life.

It took me six years! It was a long time before I "found my voice" - my style. Chatty rather than clinical as I believe in trying to connect with people. I literally had to screw up all my courage to start writing as it was a new world to share my thoughts with people I didn't know.

My book started on a bit of chip paper in a car park! I made lots of notes on scraps of paper and eventually organised them and pulled it all together and that was how "Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth" was born.

Luckily I have a friend who is a PR guru , former journalist and a professional writer. I handed over my book for her to read and it was such a relief when she said it had pace and was understandable. Off to the printer I went as I had already decided to become a publisher to do it all myself and have the control over my success or failure. It's been sold at Foyles and Waterstones and online.
Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth

Now that it has gone live on Kindle I am even more excited!

Do check out the book reviews on my website

Also please take a look at the sample on Kindle to see if it might add value to your life.

Child abuse, bullying, rape, domestic violence, alcoholism, and depression are forms of emotional pain that need to be healed before a person can have emotional health. Chapters on love, parenting through divorce, anxiety, stress and bereavement are included. My experience led me to identify the changes people can make to move themselves from pain to health and on to emotional wealth. That wealth not only creates happier people and healtheir finances - it increases people's integrity, compassion, respect and serenity which is something I believe the world needs!


Susan Price said...

I was straight on to kindle to download a sample! - but too busy to read it yet. Has it got case-histories? I love case-histories.

Dan Holloway said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Very interesting - in one of my other hats I'm a mental health campaigner (the largest readership I'll ever have in fact was for a leaflet on debt and mental health that went out to 140,000 healthcare professionals) so I'm always fascinated.

Susan Jane Smith B.Sc. said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for the comment - there are not case studies as such in the book in that formal way but real life scenarios are scattered throughout Obviously with identies protected.