Monday, 22 August 2011

How Do You Use Yours? - Joan Lennon

There are things I particularly like my Kindle for. Taking Dickens on a train, for example, where carrying the paper version causes my handbag to split at the seams. Reading while eating, though this is perhaps more me liking my Kindle case, which has this neat thing at the back to make it stand up, leaving the hands free for the stuffing of the face. Getting me reading short stories again - much as I love writing short stories I'd lapsed in my reading of them over the years. I'm really enjoying the re-discovery, which has taken place almost entirely on my Kindle. And lastly, I really like reading science fiction on my Kindle. Alien worlds on what is, basically, alien tech. How satisfying is that!

So, tell me, what do you particularly like your Kindle for? (The words "Answers on a postcard" rise up in my mind, but that's another story ...)


Joan Lennon said...

Apologies for early posting - the Post Option option is thumbing its nose at me again. I'm away tomorrow and the next day, however, so I'm just going to let it stand. Thanks!

Debbie said...

I've got a cover with a standy-uppy bit at the back. It's really handy.

To be honest, at the moment I find the kindle best for two things: Reading indie stuff that isn't available anywhere else and reading my own WIP (seeing it in a different format makes the errors jump out and means I can edit in bed without a laptop!)

Susan Price said...

I agree with all Joan and Debbie's comments - but I also find that the kindle simply gets out of the way of the words. I find I read more attentively on the kindle - I'm not thinking about the weight of the book, or holding the pages apart. If I have to give it up for a paper book for a while, I find I come back to it with relief.

madwippitt said...
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madwippitt said...

Grrr why does this not let me edit? It deleted my whole message and all I ewant was to correct a typo!
I like being able to instantly get the book I want without having to wait for the post or trek off to a shop. But I do get cross if I have to pay the same price as for a paper book!