Friday, 19 August 2011

Nearly There! - Karen King

When I wrote my first blog I mentioned that I was about to e-publish my romance novella, The Millionaire Plan, but since then someone has shown an interest in publishing it as a paperback novella so while I wait their decision I thought I'd e-publish another romance novella, Never Say Forever, which I had published a few years ago under the name of Kay Harborne. Trouble is, I didn't have the text saved on my computer or on CD so had to type it all out again. Almost 50,000 words - a very painstaking task! Anyway, I've finally completed it so now I just have to format it and do the cover. And therein lies the problem. It has already had two covers. The paperback version:

And the softback large print version:
I want something more modern for the e-version so I'm getting my illustrator daughter to do me a cover. The problem is, I'm not used to thinking about covers, my publishers always deal with that. So what picture do I have? The story is about a modern feisty, independent heroine who falls in love with an equally independent bachelor tycoon. Both have resolved to never commit to anyone. So do I go for the hero/heroine design updated? Pink and pretty with silhouette figures? Just the heroine? And where do I put the title and my name? What font do I use. Decisions, decisions! How did you all decide on your covers?


Ann Evans said...

I know what you mean Karen, I'm about to kindle my novella A Tropical Affair, and it's the image of the couple that is the problem. I think you need to get that right first, then play about with the fonts and see what looks right.
I've been dragging the old holiday snaps out searching for palm trees and moonlit bays!

Debbie said...

Have a look around the various kindle forums (kindleboards and the uk version) and check out what other people are doing. Takes a while but you get a feel for what works for your genre. Remember it's also got to work at thumbnail. I had a work colleague do my short story collection but a proper ebook cover designer do my thriller - I'm using him for my YA fantasy too.

Susan Price said...

Karen, you don't have to type out your books! You can download a free OCR programme and use it to scan your books into your computer and then convert to text. A bit of a chore, but easier than all that typing!

Karen King said...

Thanks for your advice, everyone and Sue, where do I find the free OCR programme? This would be so useful?