CHARMING MEN and CHAUVINISTS - by Susan Jane Smith B.Sc

Susan Jane Smith B.Sc
          Women, be warned – charming men can have a dark side – they make a woman feel wonderful as long as they are getting their needs met.  When they cannot get their own way, watch out!  Venom!
          This is how I started a chapter in my book Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth because that is what I have observed in over 20 years of professional experience looking at all sorts of relationships.
         Charm  is a way of overwhelming another person’s perceptions and can sometimes turn abusive.  People need to be clear that "domestic violence is an abuse of power as it is taking advantage over someone else. People (and yes, there are some violent women) who feel the need to do this feel inadequate and the abuse gives them a false sense of power.  Physical strength only gives the illusion of power.   It is the centred, stable person where true power is wielded with wisdom and responsibility and a thought for the person on the receiving end.”
Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth
          I am a retired Psychotherapist/Counsellor/Divorce Mediator.  My comments are not about hating men as I have met hundreds of lovely men and women in unhappy relationships.  Many of the problems could be sorted out with the fundamental - better communication skills.  Sometimes, there were personality problems which would not work with any partner and this is what is exposed in this chapter of my book. 
          So, if you know anyone in an unhappy relationship please tell them about my book Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth  available on Kindle as an e-book, order the paperback at a bookstore or via my website:


susanjanesmith said…
I just read what I wrote several months ago and am quite pleased with it - I hope you feel the same!

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