Where We Work (Part One) - Joint Post

At Electric Authors we're a varied bunch writing everything from crime to humour to self-help. The way we work is also as varied as the places we work. So three EA bloggers have decided to band together and share where we work on todays post.          

Karen Bush - visit website 

Over the years I’ve worked in all sorts of places: at our last house I actually had the luxury of an office. OK, it was only 6 by 8 foot, but it’s amazing how much you can cram in.
When we moved to the current house I was in the middle of writing a book: no time to unpack – I just set up shop in the corner of the sitting/dining area, and although not originally intended, have been there ever since. My partner gritted his teeth and set up a desk unit and some cupboard units that he felt he could live with as furniture, and it’s perfect. I have a view into the front garden where I can watch the fish and frogs frolicking in the pond, spot any visitors arriving, and it’s next to a radiator so the whippets (when I’m not sharing my typing chair with them) can happily curl up on a raised crate next to it and keep me company. They quite enjoy the doggy TV too, as the view through the window has become known.

There are other things to look at too but that's for me to tell you about in another post.

Elizabeth Kay - visit website

In my previous house I wrote in the conservatory, which had a concrete floor and was very good for Icelandic atmosphere in the winter, and a tropical rainforest ambience in the summer. The glass roof meant that I couldn't see the computer screen if the sun was shining, and the spines of all my books faded away. Since we moved I can now write in any weather; however, there are distractions. If I don't draw the curtains at night there are foxes and badgers. And during the day there's that birdseed feeder just outside the window...

Lynne Garner - visit website

As you can see my writing space is fairly business like.  I've seen images of other authors writing spaces and they're filled with things that mean something to them, inspire them etc. The only item I could say fills that category is a credit card sized picture of a hedgehog (I'm known for my love of these prickly creatures) and a little mouse (just twigged my first book was about a hedgehog and a mouse). As you can see on the front are the words "lots of times in lots of ways..." and on the reverse are the words "friends mean more than words can say." It was given to me by a friend years ago, who is five days younger than I am. I've been so lucky, she's always been there. But that's it, everything else is connected to my craft of writing. However I don't occupy this space alone. When I am sitting at my desk working on a new magazine feature or book I'm often tapping to the sound of a snoring dog. And as you can see Tasha does like to get comfortable.  

Now we've shared where we work we'd love to hear about where you work, so do please share.


Chris Longmuir said…
Great post and nice to see where other writers work. The one thing that struck me though, was the tidy nature of the work spaces compared to my clutter and avalanche of papers and books!
madwippitt said…
Elizabeth and Lynne, I envy the calm, tranquil and orderly work spaces you have! Even though I thought I'd tidied mine up for the pic, I now realise how slovenly it looks! (And you can't actually see most of the top of the dining table behind me: didn't dare photograph that!)
Lydia Bennet said…
always interesting to see where other writers work and how urban/rural, tidy/chaotic they are! Thanks for letting us in, guys!
Hywela Lyn said…
Yes, I love seeing where other writers work too. I have to admit that my deskspace is considerably tidier since I invested in a couple of magazine racks from the States. That may not sound like much,, but theyeach have six compartments which hol;d up to three books or several writing magazines, so now all my refrence books, notebooks and diary, etc. are close to hand and off the desk. Now all I have to do is empty my overflowing 'to be done' tray!

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