My Writing Has Gone Full Circle - Lynne Garner

When I started to write professionally I wrote solely for craft magazines. After a year or so I  decided to see if I could get a craft book published. To my amazement I found a publisher willing to give me a chance and my first craft title was published. This book was based on the many hand-outs I'd written for the craft classes I was teaching. 

After a few years I'd had several adult craft books published so I decided to try something new. So I changed focus slightly and started to write activity books for children. After this I moved my focus to picture books. Over a 14-year period I had 21books traditionally published.

Then along came the revolution of the eBook. This opened up a brand new world and I was able to turn a project I'd been working on for years into an eBook. This book is a collection of short stories featuring the trickster character Anansi (Anansi The Trickster Spider). Sales were better than I expected, so I created a second collection of short stories - Anansi The Trickster Spider: Volume Two.  I decided that fiction was for me and perhaps those days of non-fiction were long behind me. Typically 'life' came along and changed that view.

I was contacted by a publisher I'd written a few children's activities books for. They asked if I wanted to submit some ideas for similar books. I did and at Christmas I signed a contract. I was then lucky enough to be employed by a local arts centre to run some craft sessions for them. So over the last month or so I've been writing  hand-outs and making samples. And guess what I've now had the clever idea of turning these hand-outs into a new craft title.

So my writing seems to have gone full circle. Well perhaps not quite full circle. This craft book will be my first non-fiction eBook. I've got a lot of work to do before it's complete but I'm as excited about this craft book as I was my first.      

Lynne Garner


glitter noir said…
I'm happy for you, Lynne. You followed your bliss and it took back home. All the best to you!

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