Beacon Literary Festival by Hywela Lyn

 This year villages in the area where I live, in the lovely Chiltern countryside, laid on the first 'Beacon Literary Festival on Saturday 22nd January.  It was not the sunniest of days so it was just as well there was a lovely marquee awaiting both the authors and visitors.  There were several very heavy showers, but thankfully not enough to deter the visitors.

There were several local authors present at the book signing table, and it was lovely to chat with them and with the visitors of course. To my surprise  I sold six books which made the day even more worthwhile.

There were also two book panels, chaired by another local author, and member of the Chiltern Writers Group, to which I also belong, and there were some interesting and lively debates in response to some of the visitors' questions.

There was a ghost story contest for local children which I was honoured to be asked to judge. Not an easy task except for the First Prize Winner whose story was so well structured and original it really stood out. I hope the contest will have encouraged the youngsters to carry on writing and using their imagination, and will hopefully have  instilled in them a love of reading as well.

Homemade cakes were available for a very reasonable price considering the size of the portions, as well as tea, coffee and fruit juice etc.

Altogether a very successful and enjoyable event, especially as it was the first time such an event has been held in the villages, and I look forward to attending again next year.

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julia jones said…
Great to see the proliferation of relatively small local literary festivals. I went to one in Felixstowe (Suffolk) a couple of weeks ago which was excellent. And there was our AE friend Linda Gillard all the way down from the Black Isle explaining how to publish book independently on Amazon.
Hywela Lyn said…
Yes - it's good to see more and more small literary festivals springing up - I think having someone like Linda explaining about indi publishing is a great idea too. Most of the writers at Beacon-Lit are published electronically as well as in print, and one of the organisers, Dave Sivers, is self-published himself so the indies were well represented.
madwippitt said…
Sounds like fun was had by all! And you must be local to me then! :-)
Hywela Lyn said…
HI MW - yes, we must be neighbours. Wonder if we've met and not known it!

Just been to your blog - hope Angel's better now. My 'Bouncer-dog'has a similar 'warwound' after removal of a small growth! He can't quite reach it to pull the stitches, very frustrating!
madwippitt said…
Angel much better, thank you! Hope Bouncer heals quickly ...

And goodness, we might have passed in the street and never known it ... give me a shout if you feel like meeting up for a coffee somewhere sometime!

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