My Favourite Four Tips for Making Time to Write - Lynne Garner

I'm often asked by students how I manage to find time to write the commissioned books, my own eBooks, the commissioned magazine features plus write four blog posts per month. I'll be honest I sometimes ask myself the exact same question. However what I've found is if I follow my four favourite tip for making time I manage it. 

So if you're having problems finding time for your writing here they are:     

I create an appointment. I put in my diary that I'm going to write and do nothing else. I don't answer the phone, look at my email or check Facebook etc. I just write. It's amazing how much can be accomplished in a short uninterrupted period of time.    

When I find the home office has too many distractions I take myself out. The local tea rooms or library even a bench in the park can help get me back in the right frame of mind. 

I don't have to set myself deadlines everyone else does that for me. But I do set myself goals. Perhaps first draft by lunchtime (if a short magazine feature) one chapter (if a fiction or non-fiction book) by the end of the day. Setting this goal really helps me focus. 

I think it's safe to say many of us have time that can be classed as wasted. For example I used to class walking the dog as wasted time. Now it's not! Between throwing the ball I use my phone to make notes. So what 'wasted' time can you utilise?   

The above tips work for me, I hope they work for you.

If you have any time making tips then please share, I'd love to try them out. 

Lynne Garner 

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JO said…
Wasted but essential - cleaning the house (very occasionally, so maybe it doesn't count), and twitter and Facebook etc (which would take over the world if I let it).

But no other time is really wasted - I'm enriched by time spent with friends, or even reading in the sunshine.
Kathleen Jones said…
I'm afraid I really need the downtime to recharge the batteries. Though sometimes, ideas start to flood in when I'm out walking on the hills. Always carry a notebook!! Is there any time a writer is not 'online'?
Guernsey Girl said…
A very interesting post - it certainly made me think about how I manage my time. Like you, I quite often take a notebook into a café to write. At the very least, the conversations of those around me produce ideas for future projects!
madwippitt said…
I do envy you the ability to write in a café ... sounds wonderful: cappuccino and cake on tap ... but I'd just be too distracted by the other customers not to mention hyper on caffeine ...

glitter noir said…
Well done. I'll now print this, fold, and insert into my copy of Kenneth Atchity's A Writer's Time: Making the Time to Write.

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