Time to Go by Mark Chisnell

It was March 2012 when I wrote my first introductory blog for Author’s Electric, so this must be the 22nd time that I’ve posted to these pages. It will also be the last. I think I mentioned back in July that my wife and I had recently had a baby boy. It’s the world’s oldest cliché, but it changes your life.

The most immediate effect is the reduction to zero of the amount of time available for anything other than earning money and childcare. Sport, trips to the movies, literary podcasts and even reading books have already been victims of Aiden’s arrival. Sunday night’s episode of Homeland teeters on the brink. I’m even struggling to find time to work on my new novel – shoved down the priority list in favour of things that turn a dime just that little bit quicker…

When you’re struggling to write a new book, it becomes really difficult to justify spending time writing about writing books. In other words, it’s become very difficult to justify my contribution to this blog. I realised this when I started to look upon the 22nd of the month deadline with fear rather than enthusiasm. And so this will be my final contribution to Author’s Electric. A fond farewell.

I’ve met (virtually) a lot of great people, and I hope that with Facebook and Twitter I can catch up with everyone (and their books) when time (and Aiden) finally allows. Good luck to all Author’s Electric, thanks for having me, and long live the (indie) revolution!

                                                    Happy Christmas  to Mark and Family

                                                          And best wishes for the future,

                                                                     from Authors Electric!

Only 3 days to Christmas! -
And the  start of
The Authors Electric
Christmas Book Sale!



Lee said…
All the best, Mark.
madwippitt said…
The best of reasons for taking a back seat! Belated congratulations, good luck with future projects and enjoy your first Christmas together with Aidan!
Chris Longmuir said…
All the best, Mark. enjoy your time with Aiden, they grow up so fast.
Dennis Hamley said…
Yes, best wishes indeed Mark. I understand very well why you're leaving. When our kids were born I seemed to withdraw from life pretty well completely. But don't worry. The immediate future will hard but wonderful.
Jan Needle said…
i've got five of the little bleeders! all the best to all three of you.
Ruth Harris said…
Mark, Congratulations and blessings! We understand why you're leaving. :-)

Which doesn't mean we won't miss you. :-(

All the very best until next time!

Mark Chisnell said…
Many thanks everyone - I will hopefully catch up with you somewhere in the virtual future :-)

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