Book Cooking by Susan Price

       Since we still don't  have a regular blogger for the 22nd, I thought I'd pop up with a reminder that the authors are still cooking.

Tasty treats and unusual eats from Authors Electric blogging collective! Eating your words, devouring a book, writing and food go together like fiction and chips. Here’s a chance to cook from our books with e-readable recipes, or just get the not-so-skinny on what keeps authors stoked while they scribble: some of it yummy, some of it funny. An ebook to binge or snack on, where the calories are certified virtual. Dig in!

         The idea for the anthology came from seeing bookshops piled high with shiny books by cooks and chefs and more cooks. Hey, that's our space! The Electrics felt we should fight back.
         So here's a taster for our writing. It's a book for dipping into, for reading in short bursts on bus or train, a way of trying out a few of Authors Electric's writers before taking a bigger bite.
         You will find pieces here on the care and feeding of your writer...
         The care and feeding of your whippets...
          The care and feeding of your murderous Scottish reivers...
          The care and feeding of your detective inspector... Oh, and much more. Actual, real recipes that turn into real food on some of the pages.
          And it's only 77p.
          $1.28 to our American readers - can I say fairer than that?
          Oh go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on...
          Go on.
          Here's the link - Cooking The Books.
          Go on!


Chris Longmuir said…
I'm spreading the word. Put it on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and tweeted it!
Dennis Hamley said…
Did I tell you Robert Lipscombe declined to be a regular but is willing to do occasional blogs and would like to review on Eclectic?
Lydia Bennet said…
we needed a pic of Mrs Doyle at the end Sue but otherwise great post! It's a really quirky book - as it's quite short, can we advertise it as a kindle short or whatevs they are called? might get into more algorithms then.
madwippitt said…
nom nom nom ...

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